Happy Friday! I’m excited to share a super quick, easy, and inexpensive DIY with you today. One of the fun things about Spring and Summer for me is watching my perennial flowers  grow and being able to cut some off and bring them inside to enjoy in a pretty vase. I have spotted some great vases on the web created from inexpensive vases and mason jars and thought I would try it.


I was influenced by these Pottery Barn vases.  I love how they are two toned with a slight edge around the bottom in a different color.  They are pretty, and simple, and elegant and were the perfect source of inspiration for a DIY painted $1 vase.

via Pottery Barn


Here is the $1 glass vase from the Dollar Tree that I started out with–

dollar store vase

I simply used one of these foam brushes (they come in large packs at the Dollar Tree)

Foam Brush

and dipped it into some left over satin white wall paint and painted the lower 2/3 of the vase.


painted vase


Then I used a different foam brush and dipped it into a light blue leftover wall paint sample and painted the top 1/3 of the vase making sure to also paint the outer and inner top rim of the vase.  When I painted the part where the blue paint meets the white part I lightly brushed the blue paint into the white paint to get a kind of melted together look.  I didn’t want a clean cut look.


diy vase


Lastly I used some gold nail polish I had on hand to paint the bottom edge of the vase.   It all dried quickly and has held up well so far.  This was just an experiment, I had no idea if painting glass with wall paint and without any kind of primer would cover the vase well or not.  But HOORAY for experiments that workout well!  I love my new vase in my newly made over powder bathroom.  And I may have to transform some more dollar store vases soon because it was just too fun, easy, and inexpensive not to!:-)

I hope you have a great weekend!

P.s. Aren’t these diy painted vases and mason jars just lovely too!?


via Madigan Made


via It All Started With Paint

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