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10 High-End Wall Art Look-Alikes for Under $10

etsy printables

Hi guys!  I hope you’ve had a good week!  I’m excited to share a great source I’ve found for inexpensive wall art!  If you have been a reader for awhile then you know how much I LOVE looking through Pottery Barn and Ballard Designs catalogs for decorating inspiration.

Once in awhile it can be discouraging though (like when I find beautiful piece of art that cost between $200-$1000+).  There is no way I could spend that much on wall art!

Good news is that I have discovered an amazing place to find Pottery Barn and Ballard Design style artwork for a lot less.  Believe it or not it’s Etsy!

If you are not familiar with Etsy it is an online store where people can sell their handmade items.  One of the many things being sold on etsy are printables.  Printables are artwork you can download immediately onto your computer and then print on your own printer OR have printed at places like Staples.

I am in awe of the talent on Etsy AND how inexpensive most of the printables are being sold!!

Below are just a few examples!

As we approach the Summer months I have seen A LOT of boat and coastal inspired artwork.  Here is a boat photograph from Pottery Barn for $118.

Pottery Barn varanasi-india-by-jesse-leake-o

via Pottery Barn

And these boat photos on Etsy for $5 each.

Etsy Printable Black and White

Little Cabin Art Prints via Etsy  $5.50

Etsy Printable Boat

 AzureLense via Etsy $4.99

A tropical plant print at Pottery Barn for $300 and a printable download version on etsy for $5.

Pottery Barn tropic-palm-print-c

via Pottery Barn   $299

Etsy Printable Tropical Leaf

 Synplus via Etsy $5.30

Pottery Barn verdure-by-alicia-bock-c

via Pottery Barn $99

Etsy Printable

Lola Printable via Etsy $5.00

A pretty, serene abstract at Ballard Designs for $215 and on etsy for $5.

Ballard Designs Abstract

via Ballard Designs $215

Etsy Printables Abstract blue

Wylky via  Etsy $5.00

A modern black and white abstract at Pottery Barn for $600 and a set of 2 on Etsy for $8.

pb black abstract

via Pottery Barn  $599

Etsy Printable IInk Blots

CelinePrintables via Etsy $8.00 for Set of 2

A puffy cloud picture on Ballards for $215 and on etsy for $5.

Ballard Designs Cloud

via Ballard Designs $215

Etsy Printable Clouds

The Printable Studio via Etsy $5.00

Ballards and Pottery Barn both have these flower prints for $200.  A lovely printable version on etsy for only $5.

Pottery Barn pink-floral-woodblock-c

via Pottery Barn $199

Ballard Designs Flowers

via Ballard Designs $199

Etsy Printables Flowers

Dorinda Art via Etsy $5.00

Abstract art at Ballard Designs for $223 and on Etsy for $7.00

ballard designs abstract color

via Ballard Designs $223.30

Etsy Printables Abstract

Julia Bars Art via Etsy $7.00

Another black and white abstract on Serena and Lily for $555.  And yet again a similar one on etsy for only $5.

serena and Lily black and white

via Serena and Lily  $555

Etsy Printable Black and White Abstract

PanlisPL via Etsy $5.00

Restoration Hardware is selling this vintage drawing for $1295.

RH Vintage Prints

vis Restoration Hardware $1295

And a vintage patent drawing for $5 that could be printed out on beige cardstock.

Etsy Printables The Look for Less

Gabriel Prints via Etsy $4.98

I’ve been noticing “day at the beach” photos becoming popular like the one displayed in the dining room below.

View More: http://phillipvn.pass.us/ba-ross-home

via Braun Adams

This one is being sold at Serena and Lily for $1,600.

serena and Lily beach print

via Serena and Lily $1,600

While you could download this one for $5.59!

Etsy Printable Beach

Story Prints Co. via Etsy   $5.59

Most of these high end art pieces are in larger sizes then 8×10 however getting the etsy download in larger sizes isn’t too expensive.

For example, I recently created this abstract in photoshop elements and got it printed in the 16 x 20 size at Staples for $14.  I bought the frame on sale at Joann Fabrics for $15 which made it a total of $30.

Abstract Printable

If you purchase a black and white print download  you can get it printed at Staples (or other places) on their blueprint machine in large sizes for only $5!

Etsy also has some great, inespensive printable resources to help with home organization (something I’ve been working on this year).  You can check out my friend Amy’s printable etsy shop or search “home organization printables” on etsy to get lots organizing tools for $5 or under!

Next time you are looking for artwork for your home on a budget, try etsy, and search “printable artwork”.  You most likely will not be disappointed!:-)  I hope you enjoyed this money-saving decorating tip and I hope you have a great weekend!!:-)



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