Benjamin Moore’s 2018 Color of the Year

Each year Benjamin Moore, a leading paint brand, chooses one color that they think will trend in the next coming year.  Additionally they spotlight several other paint colors that they predict will be popular to use in homes and commercial spaces.

Benjamin Moore recently announced the 2018 Benjamin Moore Color of the Year is a paint color they coined ‘Caliente’.  To learn more about Caliente and why Benjamin Moore chose this color view the video below.


Here are 7 ideas of how to incorporate Caliente into your home in 2018.


1.  For me Caliente would be too overbearing on all four walls of a room.  But as an accent wall it could work well especially if the other walls were some form of white or off-white.


2.  I love how a red island looks in an all-white kitchen!

via BHG

3.  Another idea is to paint one piece of furniture in a room Caliente.

via BHG



via BHG


4.  This beautiful room featured in House Beautiful has a lot of ideas.  You could use it on built-in cabinetry, on doors, and it pairs beautifully with medium and dark blues.

 Dove Design Studio via House Beautiful


via House Beautiful


5.  For a bold, high contrast curb appeal you could use it on your home exterior paired with white trim and dark lighting.

via Ohara Interiors


6.  Another idea is to use Caliente on the back of your white open shelving to give them more of a pop.

BHG via Pinterest



7.  And of course you can bring in Caliente in even smaller doses with your decor accessories such as decorative pillow, rugs, lighting, and decor items.


via Braun Adams


Photo by Alyssa Rosenheck via Redo Home and Design



Below are the other paint colors Benjamin Moore has forecasted to trend in 2018.


Benjamin Moore's 2018 Color Trend Forecast


I find that I lean towards cooler colors such as Wolf Gray and Silver Marlin.  I also would love to try out some of the neutrals such as White Opulence, Stone, Moonshine, and Peau de Sole.


Which paint colors are you drawn towards in the Benjamin Moore 2018 Forecast?
Can you see yourself decorating with Caliente in 2018??  Let me know in the comments!


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you have a great weekend! I will be getting started with decorating for Christmas this weekend!:-)


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