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2 Year Old Drama

Recently I took a rare opportunity–the baby was sleeping, the older boys were at school and my two year old girl was just hanging out.  I noticed as I passed the dining room that the sun was gently filling the room creating a perfect backdrop against the wall for picture taking.  Hmmm, I thought, I’m going go get the camera and see if my girly will oblige me in taking pictures of her.  Sure enough she was up for it and I began clicking away knowing with a two year old picture taking time would be very short.  I got in about 45 seconds worth of picture taking and the results were priceless.  The snapshots below are in the order they were taken and demonstrate how in a very short amount of time this little girl can go slightly amused to joyful to sad and sulky to ecstatic again.






The velocity and intensity at which this girl can cycle through her emotions never ceases to amaze me.  You may be wondering what happened to bring on her sad, sulky expression.  I am too!  Nothing happened, absolutely nothing!  She is the girl that begins crying hysterically at the breakfast table because her “brother looked at me”.  She is the girl that if she gets a little bump or fall the world has come to an end.  I’ve said it before and it is true, she cries more than our baby, even when he was in his fussiest newborn phase.

We’ve never experienced such drama with our 2 year old boys.  They had their share of the terrible 2 1/2 and threes but never so much drama!  This being said I wouldn’t trade her for the world.  It is exhausting and ear-splitting at times and sometimes can really wear on my patience but she is full of life and when she is happy she can light up a room better than any Thomas Edison invention.  She is just teaching her brothers early how to be sensitive to a woman and her feelings.  It will be good for them:-)

And anyways, she comes by it honestly.  I may or may not have been a little dramatic when I was her age.

2014-01-09 22-00-10_0009

You decide:-)  Hey, and I turned out okay, right?  Right?? Right???? 🙂

And yes, I know I look like a boy!  My hair took awhile to grow and it might be the reason why I will never have short hair again.  And yes, that couch is hideous!  I asked my mom why they chose it and she said it was to match the orange carpet in the room.  I think I might know now why my least favorite color has always been orange.  It all goes back to childhood trauma and 2 year old drama!  🙂

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