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(You can also come check out all the beautiful home tours, Here!)

Hello! This year I’m participating in the 12 Days of Christmas Tour of Homes hosted by Jenny from Evolution of Style Blog.  The Tours began yesterday as Jenny and Amanda from Dixie Delights shared their home tours! They did an insanely gorgeous job decorating their homes for Christmas!

Here’s a sneak peek.




Impressive, right?  I will provide a link to their home tours and the rest of the tour schedule at the end of this post. Today is the designated day to share my home tour. Let me say that I have never been done decorating for Christmas by December 2nd (and let’s just say I barely was this time too)!:-)

I hope you all enjoy the home tour!
Note: If you are new here welcome and be sure to check out the befores of my house. We don’t have a perfect home but it sure has come a long way (and on a budget too)!:-)

So lets begin with my favorite room–the family room.  The family room is where we spend most of our time and it is where I spent the majority of my time decorating for Christmas!

Family Room Christmas Decor

Christmas Mantel Decor

Christmas Home Decorating

I made all of the garland on the mantel from Christmas tree clippings for a whopping total of $0.  I went to Home Depot and asked if I could bag up some of their leftover Christmas tree clippings and sure enough they said yes!  Lowe’s does it too (at least last year they did) just be sure to bring your own bag or way of carrying all the clippings home.

Stockings Hung with Care

The stockings are from Kohls and were only $15 each.  We will bring the kids stockings out to hang up closer to Christmas.

Christmas Stockings from Kohls

The wood backdrop for the wreath is made out of a pallet, an easy diy you can find Here!  All of the ornaments are from Walmart and are shatterproof.

Christmas Mantel


Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Decorating

And in the same room but on the other side is the Christmas tree.  I shared all my money-saving tree decorating ideas last week in this post!

Family Room Christmas Home Tour

Christmas Tree in Family Room

The lamps are a recent purchase from Homegoods.  I wrapped a couple of books up in my favorite plaid wrapping paper to add height to the lamps.

Sofa Table Christmas Decor

Christmas Decorating Home Tour

Christmas Tree

The sunburst mirrors were a steal I found at Aldi’s.  $5.99 for a pack of 3!!  The Habitat book on the coffee table is my go to decorating book!  If you love interior design or want to learn more about it then you will love this book.  You can read the awesome interview I did with the author, Lauren Liess, Here.

Coffee Table Christmas Decor

Christmas Tree Pink and Gold Decor

I just had to add this cutie cozied up!

Christmas Catnap

Our family room is open to our eat-in kitchen.  Every year I add turquoise poinsettias and silver beads to the kitchen chandelier.

Chriatmas Home Tour Kitchen

Years ago I got these artificial plants on clearance for a $1 a piece.  They had a plain black pot but this year I wrapped them up in plaid wrapping paper and added gold trim I found at the Dollar Tree to spice them up.

Christmas Kitchen

This DIY topiary (tutorial to come) got a red bow.

Christmas Boxwood Topiary

I already had the mercury glass vase but added some more free clippings to it, pinecones, and dollar store small red ornament bulbs.

Christmas Vignette

Moving down to the newly made over basement I added a large wreath above the TV that I purchased for a couple of dollars at Goodwill.

Christmas Basement Decor

I added some more free greenery to some of the shelves and some DIY Christmas Trees to the bottom left shelf.

How to Decorate a Bookcase for Christmas

I picked up the Merry Christmas sign at Homegoods this year.

Bookcase Decor

Back upstairs  and down the hallway is a “mud closet” that I created in the space of a normal closet.  I added another wreath from goodwill over the Egret painting I found at Homegoods..  The painting will stay, as it is a reminder in the long  and dreary Ohio Winter of good things to come.:-)

Hall Mud Closet

The only bedroom I decorated this year is my 4 1/2 year old daughter’s.  She is the most excited for Christmas of the kids.  I added snowflakes (I got from a garage sale a long time ago) to her chandelier, wreath, and bulletin board.

Christmas Decorating Girls Room

I tried to spray paint another Goodwill wreath pink and silver.  It didn’t turn out great but good enough.

Spray Paint a Wreath

And a dollar stone silver tree on the side of  her bed.  She loves it!

Dollar Store Christmas Decor

Back down the stairs and to the living room we go.:-)  The living room isn’t finished–it needs some tweaking but I thought you may want to see it so far.

The table holds a handful of diy table top Christmas trees I made out of foam board and scrap paper last year.

Living Room Christmas Home Tour

This is looking at the Christmas tree in the living room from another angle (you can tell the kids have been rearranging ornaments).  If you love your Christmas wrapping paper why not place them in a basket and tie a ribbon  around them and make them decor (until you need to use them).

Living Room Retro

I love a little bit of greenery on mirrors for Christmas (DIY beveled mirror tutorial found, Here),

Mirror Decorating

Well, I hate to say it but we are at our last stop in the tour, our front door.  Little miss kitty is sad to see you go!

Christmas Entryway

Thanks so much for coming by!!  I hope you enjoyed this Christmas home tour!

Christmas Porch Decorating

Christmas Home Tour 2015

Be sure to check out the other tours for more Christmas decorating inspiration and enjoyment!  There is some serious talent in this group!  You can find the schedule below with links!

 12/2  Life & Home At 2102    Provident Home Design

I hope you have a great rest of your week!!


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62 thoughts on “My Christmas Home Tour & More

  1. Vel

    I truly love the tasteful and laid-back feel of your home, your Christmas decorations are right on target with that as well. The touches of pastel and just the right amount of shimmer and glitter is just perfect! I love too how you spread gifts thru out your home and not just by the tree. I also like how you placed the garland on your door as well as the snowflakes in the room!!!! I am sure you and your family will have a very happy and special Christmas in your lovely home!Happy to share this home tour day with you Tamara!

  2. lscibilia

    Tamara, your home looks so gorgeous! I absolutely love that your living room tree is right by the foyer so you see it when you walk through the door! Also the pink, red and gold ornaments in the family are so bright and cheery, so pretty!!!! Hope you and your family are enjoying your holiday home all decked out! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas and sources!

  3. Morgan {California To Carolina}

    Beautiful! It looks like you went pink and gold with the ornaments, but is that actually red? If it’s pink, I am so glad someone else decorated in pink and gold because that’s what I did! I love all this! My husband is making over our mantel area right now so unfortunately not all my decor is up or where I want it! I know it’s for a good reason, but not being fully decorated for Christmas bothers me! LOL. All your rooms turned out great!

    1. Tamara Post author

      I lucked out getting that painting a few months ago at Homegoods for $30!! I have seen similar paintings at Ballard Designs but they are a bit more pricey. I wonder if etsy might have some for a decent price? I will keep my eyes peeled for you!!

  4. Jennifer@decoratingdelirium

    Wow Tamara! Your Christmas decor is an extended reflection of your chic and clean style. I love all the DIY’s you have and am VERY impressed by how many rooms you decorated!!

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  6. Sarah

    Beautiful, loved touring your home! Where did you get your blue velvet pillows on the couch? I’ve been looking and looking and can’t find “the” perfect blue. Thank you SO much for your time!

    1. Tamara Post author

      Thank you, Sarah! I found the blue velvet pillows at Homegoods about a month ago. The two of them came together for $25 which I thought was a steal since the inserts are down. I hope you have luck in finding them!!:-)

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  9. Vicki

    I love your Christmas tour and your home!! BUT I need to know where you got the crane picture on the shelf in the middle of your photos! I have been looking for just that picture or one like it forever and couldn’t really find it. IF you remember, I would really like to know. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

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  15. Emy

    Your home is lovely! I like the wrapping paper in a basket as decor the best! I never thought of using it in that way. Mine is stashed in my closet right now, but why hide it when you buy the cute stuff?

  16. Elizabeth

    I love your beautiful home, and, all of the beautiful Christmas decorations! You have so many terrific ideas! May I ask where you purchased your sofa and love seat? Thank you!

    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi Elizabeth! I bought my couch at a store called Sofa Express about 12 years ago (it has since gone out of business). Then about 4 years ago I found the love seat on Craigslist for only $60! I would give Craigslist a look if you haven’t yet. Sometimes people need to sell their new-ish furniture if they have to move–it makes more sense for them to sell it then pay to move it across the country. Best wishes!!:-)

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