A Look at Minimalism-5 Steps to a Minimalist Bedroom

Minimalism interior design

Hello!  Now that the weather has finally gotten nicer I’ve been itching to go through my closets and storage areas and get rid of /take to Goodwill the items that I’m not using anymore and that are just taking up space.

It’s such a freeing feeling to let go of the things in your home that don’t serve you anymore.

It got me thinking about minimalism and I thought it might be fun to spotlight how minimalism plays out in interior design (I would like start spotlighting different styles of decorating from time to time).

Minimalism made its way into architecture and design in the 80s and is most often associated with the simplicity and effortlessness of the Scandinavians and Japanese. A duo of minimalists who turned their advocacy into careers gave the full scoop to The Washington Post of what it’s like to live minimally. As a lifestyle, it’s all about asking yourself this simple question: “What is important to me?”

To put this into practice, consider your bedroom, which is a great place to start.  The following tips will help you understand how to turn your bedroom and other spaces in your home into a minimalist haven.

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1. Declutter

The first step to any attempt at living with less is getting rid of your excess stuff. Maybe your closet needs purging because you only really wear about a third of the clothes you own. Some people might not be aware, but a Very Well Mind explains that clutter can be a source of stress and anxiety.

Think about when you get home after a long day and you just want to collapse on the bed, but the mess is nagging at you, making it challenging to get some shut-eye. Ask yourself which items are still useful, and get rid of stuff that are not. Then neatly stow away the keepsakes you can’t part with just yet in a box.


2. Create space

By decluttering, you might have made your bedroom more spacious and breathable. You can make the space even bigger by trading clunky furniture for sleeker and more functional versions. Another useful tip from designers is to put up a full length mirror to give the illusion of extra space.



via Ras-a, Inc.


3. Neutralize tones, play with texture

Another secret to a great minimalist bedroom is the color palette. You can never go wrong with repainting your walls white because they give off the feeling of softness and tranquility, but don’t feel like white walls are required. Leesa explains that people have different responses to a variety of colors, so find the one that you associate most with ease and calmness. The trick is to offset white (or whichever color you choose) with an accent color to use in the details like the bedding, rugs, and other decor. You can even play with different textures of the same hue for more variety.


4. Let the light in

One detail shared by all minimalist designs across the board is natural light. Lighting influences the mood of a room as well as increases space.  Psychology Today explains that exposure to natural light greatly impacts your mood, productivity, and sleep. By letting more light in to your room, you can change the course of your day entirely.  I have experienced this personally!


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5. Introduce natural elements

Aside from sunlight, introducing some natural elements like house plants or wooden items can increase the minimalist aesthetic. They add a pop of color and texture as well as give off a feeling of warmth. Feel free to use them as accent colors as well.


via Coco Lapine Design


At the end of the day, you don’t have to make a sweeping declaration of owning only 30 items, because getting used to minimalist living is a process that takes time. You can try applying the style in one area of your home – such as your bedroom – and see how the changes affect your life.

I know for me I’m not drawn to the look of a completely minimalist styled room but I do love a clean, uncluttered space!  I love studying different styles of decorating.  Is there one in particular you would like me to touch on in the future?

Hope you enjoyed this post and that you have a wonderful weekend!!



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