10 Steps to a High-end Kitchen on a Low-end Budget

When I moved into my home 2 years ago there was no room I despised more than our kitchen.  It was dark, outdated, and generic.  I wanted a kitchen that was light, welcoming, and sophisticated.  Not having much $ to work with made me have to stretch our dollars as well as my creative juices and DIY muscles.  It was not until I loved my kitchen that I loved my home.

I created The Love Your Kitchen Series because I wanted others on a small budget to be able to achieve a kitchen and home that makes their heart happy too!  This post pulls together the 10 steps that enabled me to go from abhorring my kitchen to adoring my kitchen. The links below stating READ MORE will take you to posts I have written that go into that particular step in greater detail. I hope you will find this post as a great resource to achieving a kitchen you LOVE!

10 Steps to a High-end Kitchen on a Low-end Budget


1.  Painting cabinets can do amazing things in changing the overall look and feel of a kitchen.  To see the before and afters of my kitchen cabinets as well as explore options in painting cabinets click READ MORE.


I used Rustoleum Kitchen Transformations kit to paint our cherry cabinets white.  Click HERE for my review on this product

2.  New countertops!  If you have ugly or outdated countertops you will be relieved to find out that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to replace them.  Ikea has an inexpensive line of attractive, quality laminate and wood countertops.  You will be amazed at the prices!  To find out more click READ MORE.



3.  Backsplashes are to a kitchen like a belt is to an outfit–they are a game changer!  Get 6 inexpensive ideas to creating a gorgeous backsplash.  READ MORE


4.  Adding Glass Cabinets creates a spacious, open, and inviting kitchen.  Even if it is just one cabinet, it is so important–READ MORE


And did you know this is an easy, inexpensive DIY???  Click HERE to learn how easy it is to add glass to your kitchen cabinet doors.


5.  Adding wood trim in the way of crown molding and other wood trim accents infuses a kitchen with character and sophistication.  Google search has taught me how to do these effective upgrades.  READ MORE for wood trim tips and ideas.


6.  Believe it or not adding fabric to your kitchen in the way of window treatments, upholstery, and kitchen linens is an extremely effective way of getting the custom designer kitchen look without the usual price tag.  To learn more click READ MORE.


7.  Another method of getting the look of an upscale kitchen is replacing any ugly, outdated, or builder grade lighting with more unique light fixtures.  For ideas on a budget lighting click READ MORE.
Jennifer Baines Interiors via Houzz


8.  When you hear the word botanicals what do you think of?  Find out how botanicals might just be the missing key to take liking your kitchen to loving your kitchen!  To learn more click READ MORE.


9.  Get tips on how to get ‘the look 4 less’ by switching out your sink and faucet, click READ MORE.


10.  One of the quickest ways to surpass a builder grade kitchen is by adding artwork to the space.  Click READ MORE for ideas on utilizing artwork as an inexpensive means to upgrading your kitchen.

Via Southern Living

The total cost for my kitchen overhaul came to $850.  $850 may sound like a lot of money but compared to the average kitchen renovation price of $28,000 it was worth every stretched penny and every DIY muscle flexed!  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions!!

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19 thoughts on “10 Steps to a High-end Kitchen on a Low-end Budget

  1. Emily, our house now a home

    I love these ideas. We did most of these when we were still fairly DIY newbies. It opened my eyes to what some paint and customization could do to a space. We have not updated all the way but my kitchen is no longer standard builder generic. It is ours. Great list of ideas!

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  4. Pati

    I would add an inexpensive countertop option. Laminates have come a LONG way and the high definition laminates can be stunning. They might be slightly higher than the prefab counters at Ikea, but can be custom made for your cabinets at about 10 – 20% the costof nice granite.

  5. Sherry Amaral

    Do you have any pics from anyone that have painted the old construction cabinets with the wood strip at the bottom of the cupboards?? That’s what we have and and have very little money but would to paint white, but what to do about the wood colour is a light oak colour. Ihope you have some info for me. Thanks. Sherry Amaral London, Ontario Canada

  6. Darlene

    Fabulous article, great ideas and very well written. Unfortunately, I think they are for the most part, helpful to those who have huge kitchens, mine is about 1/3 of the size of yours and I hate every sickening inch of it. I will be painting it soon though but sometimes size does matter (no pun intended).

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