Kids and Guest Bathroom Reveal

Hey Guys!  The kids/guest bathroom is done and just in time as our house guests arrive tonight! As with all of the makeovers I do this one is no exception it includes lots of budget friendly ideas and DIYs that I  can’t wait to share!

Let’s refresh our memory of what the bathroom looked like BEFORE.  Very builder basic!

Kids Bath

And here is the AFTER!

Kids Bathroom Reno

Kids Bathroom Makeover-After

So let’s talk about the room and what each element cost!  After studying the inspiration photos I had for the room  I knew I wanted to paint the vanity green.  You can view all 9 of my inspiration photos, Here.

I ended up trying and loving Behr’s Alkyd Semi-gloss Enamel for painting the vanity.  I’m happy to report that unlike many special enamels this one only cost $32 for the gallon!  You can learn all about how to paint bathroom cabinetry like a professional, Here.

Kids and Guest Bathroom Maveover on a Budget

The DIY board and batten wood trim treatment on the walls cost around $50 and creates a lovely backdrop that allows the colors in the room to really pop.  The upper section of the wall is painted Benjamin Moore Buxton Blue.  I got the free pint of paint from a coupon in one my home magazines.

Kids and Guest Bathroom Makeover


The gold ladder towel holder is a DIY that I made from leftover wood from previous projects and gold spray paint and cost me only $3.75.  Tutorial to come.

Kids Bathroom


This fun wall art was absolutely free!  I got the free triangle printable from The DIY Mommy, Here.   It comes in a larger size but I just cropped mine to fit a normal 8 x 11.5 piece of typing paper and printed out right from my printer.

The frame was one I had gotten from Walmart a few years ago  for $5 and that I was no longer using.  The frame was black so I painted it white with the paint I already had for the walls.

Free Printable Wall Decor


I have two new hand towels rolled up in a basket on the vanity countertop.  They are from Target and are $9.99 each.

Kids Bathroom Makeover


In the reflection of the mirror you can see the kids’ hooded towels hung up in a row.

Green Painted Cabinets


Just before having my first baby a friend taught me how to make these hooded towels and I have made one for each of my children.  They all have their own color and even my 8 year old still loves wrapping up in it after his shower.  They are made from a Walmart towel and hand towel so they were under $10 to make per hood towel!

DIY Hooded Towels


The shower curtain is a DIY I created from a tablecloth that I had purchased  at Homegoods for $12.99.  I love the length of it and particularly how it hits the floor.

DIY Shower Curtain from Tablecloth


The flooring is a peel and stick vinyl that I installed right over the previous vinyl floors.  All the info on it is below and for me came to $60.  I really like how it looks and feels.  For a great discussion on the pros and cons of vinyl flooring read, Here.

Oyster Travertine Vinyl Tiles

Let’s just pretend I spelled travertine right!;-)


Okay, guys, here’s the final kicker!  Remember how I mentioned I was trying out a DIY window treatment that I had been wanting to do for years??  Well, I tried it and it worked!  I made plantations shutters!  I have drooled over plantation shutters for a long time but they are WAY too expensive for me to purchase.

So after lots and lots of research I figured out how to make them and without buying any fancy tools!  I will tell ALL about in a future post!  The cost to make the shutter was $60 which believe it or not is just a fraction of what it would have cost to buy it.


Kids Bathroom Blue and Green


I am definitely loving the “new” kids bathroom and hope our guests feel comfortable in the room as well!  So what was the total cost of the bathroom makeover??  With paint, supplies, floors and everything the cost rang into be about $245.  Considering that just the plantation shutters alone would have  been at least that much I’m content with the total cost of the makeover.

Bathroom Makeover

I hope you enjoyed this makeover!  Til next time!:-)


How to Paint a Bathroom Vanity like a Professional

Hello!  Today I’m here to teach you how to paint a bathroom cabinet/vanity like a pro! I just completed my kid’s bathroom vanity and I am so happy with how it turned out. This was my 5th bathroom vanity that I have painted and I have finally found a product and system that completely rocks!

How to Paint Bathroom Cabinetry like a Pro

This was by far the best experience and since practice makes perfect better I want to save you the trouble of doing it the less effective ways and allow you opportunity to get the outcome you desire the first time you try! For years I have been trying to find a paint product that gives the look, feel, and durability of being professionally done. I’ve wanted a smooth, glossy, no brush mark look and a smooth, hard enameled feel. I have experimented with lots and lots of paints products and methods but I never felt any of them were “the one”. So, guys, I have found “the ONE” (and no this post is not sponsored in any shape or form) and I’m so excited to share it with you! I mentioned in this post that I have a new found love for Behr’s Premium Plus Ultra Paint for painting walls. Well, I decided to go to Home Depot and ask them if they had any Behr products for painting furniture and cabinetry. After some discussion the worker introduced me to a product called Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel. It basically performs like an oil-based paint but without the horrible smell and difficult clean up. I LOVE this product! It is so easy to work with and has fabulous results.

Behr Alkyd Semi-Gloss Enamel

After getting home with my gallon of paint I realized they had given me the wrong color! I had asked for Behr “Pesto Green” but they had given me a darker green color called “Seaweed Salad” which I can assure you is as disgusting looking as it’s name suggests (as shown above).

Because these days time is not on my side I decided to take the chance and mix in some white semi-gloss paint I had on hand instead of going back and demanding nicely asking for the right color.

Thankfully it worked! Phew! So once you have your alkyd Semi-gloss enamel in the color you desire you will need these other important supplies listed below.

painting supplies

I have painted cabinets with the doors on and also with taking them off. This time I kept them on and had no problems. I just kept the door open as you can see below and I kept the door knobs on until I was all done so that I could use them as I handled the doors during the painting process.

Painting Bathroom Cabinetry2

Sorry for the bad quality Ipad picture

I used the foam roller for basically 90% of the job. However there are certain areas the foam roller won’t work well like when working around the hinges and along the edges of the cabinets.

How to Paint Cabinets

Painting Side of Bathroom Cabinets_edited-1

For these areas I used a quality foam brush. This is also where the painters tape comes in handy. You will likely want to tape along the wall where the cabinetry meets the wall so that you have a nice clean line.

You may have noticed from the photos above that I didn’t use any primer! In the painting world that’s equivalent to going out and about without your underwear on!

Instead of using a primer I used a liquid deglosser. The liquid deglosser prepares the surface for painting. I just applied it with old rag. In this situation I had absolutely no negative consequences of not using a primer first. However, most people do use a primer so if you want to play it safe put on a good primer (such as Zinsser) and your underwear while your at it.:-)

I ended only having to do 2 coats even without priming first. The first coat wont look pretty but don’t let that scare you. Take time (about 4 hours) between coats and when you are completed let the cabinets remain untouched for at least 24 to 48 hours (leave the cabinet doors open during this time).

This product can take up to 7 days to harden completely depending on the humidity and temperatures. But harden it does! I tested a spot on the inside of the door with my fingernails. I tried to leave a mark but it didn’t.

Lastly, whenever I have painted cabinets a lighter color than they were before there is often a dark piece of vinyl trim at the base of the cabinetry (as shown below). It really shows up a lot more after the cabinetry has been painted and takes away from the desired professional, custom appearance

Painting Bathroom Vanities

The solution that has worked great for me is using an approx. 3 inch piece of trim such as a baseboard, painting it the same color of the cabinetry, and then securing it over the existing vinyl one.

cabinet trim Painting cabinet trim

Makes a big difference, doesn’t it??

How to Paint a Bathroom Vanity

So that is how you paint a bathroom vanity like a pro! If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!

How to Paint a Vanity

Next week I hope to be able to reveal the kids/guest bathroom makeover. Today you got a sneak peak of the painted cabinets and new flooring.:-) The new floors are vinyl by the way! More details later!:-)


Favorite Interior Designers Series- James Radin

Hi Guys! I hope you have had a great week! I’ve been busy this week working on the kids/guest bathroom. New floors are 85% done, window treatment 75%, and painting cabinetry 0% but I will be getting started on that tomorrow. I’m excited about the progress and am hopeful next time I will have something to show for it!:-)

Today I am excited to start a new series showcasing some of my favorite interior designer’s work!  I find studying their work to be so inspiring and helpful as I strive to achieve similar looks in my own home. Although I’m sure they have much larger budgets to work with I truly believe that if I am able to take careful note as to what makes their spaces click that I (and you too!) can create similarly beautiful homes.

So lets begin! First up in this series is Designer, James Radin.  James Radin has had over 30 years of professional experience.  In his earlier years he worked primarily in the commercial sector of design.  After changing gears and working under some talented residential designers he opened his own firm in L.A. focusing on residential spaces. He has also had the privilege of creating some amazing sets for movies like Something’s Gotta Give, The Holiday and It’s Complicated (some of which you we see below).


Here are some of my favorite spaces he has done.  Take time to enjoy each one and I will have more to say afterwards!:-)


James Radin 4 Seasons Room



James Radin Entry way


via Houzz


James Radin Interiors

Love the plantation shutters!;-)

Favorite Interior Designers

Fave Designers

Interior Designer James Radin

I love how the pillows aren’t turned the same way. Not going for perfection!

Interior design

James Radin

Favorite James Radin Kitchen

Favorite interior designer James Radin

James Radin nonquitt_8

So why do I love James Radin’s work??  Because he knows how to create a cozy, welcoming space.  Because he seems to love stripes as much as I do.  Because he isn’t afraid to mix different kinds of woods in furniture or florals and paisleys with stripes.  Because he utilizes the beauty and architectural interest of wall paneling, wainscoting, and beadboard.  Because he can appreciate a white backdrop.   Because he includes texture in the form of woven baskets and shades into his spaces.  Because he seems to realize that a beautiful home isn’t about perfection or about all brand new furniture and décor items but quite the contrary.  A beautiful home is a home with many of the aforementioned qualities and with just a touch of quirkiness so that we feel comfortable enough to put our guard down and  truly be at home.

In an interview with James Radin,  he gives some tips for decorating on a budget.  You can view the interview, Here.

What do you appreciate (or maybe not appreciate) about James Radin’s work??   Thanks for sharing your time with me here today!  Til next time!

A Bit of Everything- A Recipe & Halloween Decorating

This month has a bit of everything going on. Remember how I mentioned I was gearing up to work on my kid’s bathroom makeover (if not you can read  Here)? Well, I recently found out that my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are going to come visit us in less than 3 weeks! We are so excited to have them come and stay with us for a few days, however, since the kids’ bathroom is also a make shift guest bathroom the bathroom makeover now has a deadline of 2 and half weeks!  Eeek!

I’ve been in full gear working on a window treatment for the bathroom that I’ve wanted to try for years–really it’s been years.  I haven’t seen it been done yet around the blogosphere so I’ve had to do a lot of research for this project.  I’m hopeful it will turn out well and that I can share it with you soon!

On another topic, I belong to a ‘Dinner Club’ which I’ve been a part of for 9 years!  I want to share more about it with you in another post but last month the theme of dinner was breakfast.  As usual the food was amazing!  One of the favorites among everyone was a Parmesean Hashbrown Cup.  It’s a winner because it’s super quick and easy to prepare and delicious!  We are a cereal (and pop tart) breakfast eating family, however, I am going to definitely make these when our house guests come later this month.

Here is the recipe found on in case you are interest in trying it out!


Parmesan Hashbrown Cups

1 (20 ounce) bag Shredded Hash Browns, rinsed and squeezed dry in a towel

  green onions, chopped (approx. 1/3 cup) 

1/2 cup parmesan cheese, grated 

1 teaspoon salt

1/2 teaspoon black pepper

2 tablespoons olive oil 

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Coat 12 muffin tins with cooking spray; set aside. In large bowl, combine potatoes, onions, cheese, salt, and pepper. Toss lightly with a fork. Drizzle on olive oil. Toss with fork again until mixture is well combined. Spoon mixture evenly into 12 muffin cups. With the back of the spoon, apply gentle pressure to pack mixture into each cup. Bake for 60-75 minutes in lower third of oven. Let rest for 5 minutes, run a small knife or spatula around the edge of each cup, making sure the edges are loosened. Gently lift each potato cup out, invert it, place on serving plate bottom side up. Good served warm or room temperature.
  2. MAKE AHEAD FOR COOKING LATER: Combine mixture, spoon it into muffin tins, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate until ready to bake. Remove from fridge 30 minutes before baking time. May be made the night before to cook and serve for breakfast the next day.
  3. MAKE AND COOK AHEAD FOR REHEATING LATER: These are best when eaten freshly baked. However, they can be baked ahead of time, refrigerated or frozen, and reheated before serving. They lose some of their crispiness when reheated, but the texture and taste is still good.


Additionally, on my mind right now is a Fall/Halloween church party  that I am partly in charge of coordinating and is the same weekend our house guests will be here.  This party is very well attended. like over 200 people.  I am in charge of overseeing games and decorations.

As part of researching for the decorations I came across these really cute, easy, and inexpensive DIY Halloween decorating ideas.


These pumpkin decorations are adorable and believe or not are made from a full toilet paper roll covered in tissue paper and fabric.  Check out how easy they are at the links below the photos!


 toilet paper pumpkins

via SheKnows


via PBFingers

Balloons are so fun and extra festive when made  into spiders and fancied up with pom poms.  She also share a mummy and bat balloon idea on her blog.  The Dollar Tree often sells helium balloons and they last FOR-ever!


via Design Improvised

Lastly, if you can cut on a line then you can make these spooky spinning spiral ghosts.  Heidi from One Creative Mommy designed a free printable for this cute craft!

Spiral Ghosts

via One Creative Mommy

I hope your month has gotten off to a great start!  What plans do you have going on this month??  As always, I really appreciate you stopping by today!!  Til next time!


Design 101- Creating a Focal Point

Have you ever decorated a room and felt like when you were done something was missing? Perhaps you had made sure to bring in some unique items and had selected fabulous colors and patterns for the space but still the room felt a bit lack luster. If this ever happens to you interpret this feeling as a sign that your room might be screaming for a focal point.

A focal point tells us where to direct our attention when we enter a room. Imagine going into a room where there are 4 people you don’t know sitting at each corner of the room. When you go in nobody stands up or says anything. You look around and perhaps feel confused at who to talk to first.

Now imagine going into the same room but this time when you enter someone gets up and greets you and shakes your hand. In this scenario you aren’t left wondering who to turn your attention to first. Likewise, having a focal point in a room greets a person and shakes their hand allowing them to relax and get to know the other parts of the room as time goes on.


(just imagine that bold patterned wall is greeting you and shaking your hand) :-)

So how do you create a focal point? You can create a focal point by making sure that one of the walls in a room demands more visual attention than the others. I like to call this “visual weight”. Bold colors and patterns, large pieces of furniture, architecture details, and sizeable decor pieces all create visual weight.

For example, the walls that contain a fireplace are almost always the focal point of a room because they create visual interest and weight. One of the easiest avenues for designating a focal point is an accent wall. Accent walls are notorious for creating interest and demanding attention in a room.

There are numerous methods of creating an accent wall. Here are few to consider.


1. Using a different paint color on your accent wall.


Boys' Shared Bedroom



2. Wall Paper



Heydt Designs via Houzz

accent walls



3. Brick or Stone





4. Wall to wall Bookshelves


Kate from Centsational Girl gives a great tutorial on how to create a wall to wall bookshelf unit out of Ikea Billy Bookcases, HERE.

5. Stenciling or Painting Designs

Accent Wall Ideas stenciling

via Birch and Bird


6. Gallery Walls

Gallery Wall accent wall

via Pottery Barn

Liess Home

via Lauren Liess



7. Woodwork


Woodwork Accent Wall

via Pottery Barn


I utilized this latter form of accent wall in my living room by installing board and batten horizontally. It really helped define that wall as the focal point especially since it’s not the wall you are facing when you first walk into the room.

Do you have to have an accent wall in order to create a focal point? Absolutely not! However, if you are having a hard time “visually weighing down” a single wall in a room, an accent wall is a great tool in your ever growing interior design toolbox!;-)

I hope you enjoyed this Design 101 on creating a focal point! Have a great weekend, Friends!