Parade Of Homes Home Tour #1

This past weekend I was able to go to our city’s annual Parade of Homes (aka Home-a-rama).  I’ve been looking forward to going for a LONG time!  I had been in 2011 and 2012 but last year I was 34+ weeks pregnant and not up for the super hot weather, walking up and down tons of stairs, and bumping people with my belly left and right so I just examined the homes from the comfort of my couch via the BIA Parade of Home App.

bia parade of homes


This Year I was rearing to go and decided to brave the crowds of the first day and hour of the show!  In an effort to experience the least traffic my dad (my date for the event) and I decided to go to the last house first.  I’m glad I did because it had a lot of interesting features and promptly after leaving this home my camera battery sadly went kaput!:-(

So Welcome to this Farmhouse styled, elegantly modern rustic home boasting a whopping 5, 514 sqft (built by M/I Homes).

MI Home


When you first enter there is a very small 2 story foyer followed by a apple green and gold accented dining room to the left.


Dining Room


To the right of the foyer is a french door that leads to an eclectic office.



Yes, that is nail head trim you see used instead of your typical wainscoting.  Definitely a first for me.

Nailhead Wainscoting Trim


The shelves were held up by leather straps.

leather strapped shelf


Onto the Family Room.  I find the muted tones of this room very comforting and relaxing.

Family Room

Family Room Head Shot


I especially love the brick fireplace painted in a calm medium gray color.  This really is a great option to painting your brick the typical white!

Gray Painted Brick Fireplace


Another feature in this home that was new to my was the two toned ceiling beams.  I’ve seen them white and I’ve seen them dark but not white and black together like this.

two toned ceiling beams


The family room lay open to the kitchen.  Please excuse the people in the following photos.  They wouldn’t leave the house even though I told them I had very important pictures to take for the readers of my blog. :-)

Family Room to Kitchen Flow



I love the soft grays and browns mixed together in the design of this kitchen.

Gray Painted Cabinets

Eating Area off of Kitchen


This room called “The Breakfast Room”  was located right off the kitchen and lead out to a relaxing outdoor living space.  If you look through the glass of the fireplace you can see that the fireplace can also be utilized from the outside.

Extra Room


The outdoor living space that I somehow failed to get a photo of consisted of a covered deck which wrapped around to the side of the house.

Side of MI Home

As we travel to the upstairs note how the stairs have two different entry points from the main level.



In the Master Bedroom the bed sits up against a wide almost headboard like window and is planked by matching nightstands and lamps.  The chandelier is quite ornate and a settee is at the foot of the bed rather than the more commonly employed bench seat.

Master Bedroom


Abstract Drawings are paired wonderfully with a traditional chair to create a cozy reading nook in this otherwise plain corner of the room—a great use of space!

Master Bedroom Sitting Area


This Master Bathroom boasted amazing floors, a fun light fixture, more nail head trim on the wall, and some more gold accents.  A very tranquil, yet interesting space.

Master Bathroom Full shot

Master Bathroom


I thought this Boy’s room was well orchestrated and provided a new take on wainscoting– metal.

Boys Bedroom

Metal Wainscoting


This Girl’s Room proves that painted stripes aren’t just for boy’s rooms.  Although some of the bedding is too loud for my taste I’m sure there a plenty of tween girls that would feel right at home in this space.

Girls Room


I loved this take on a kids bathroom.  The fun patterned wall paint and the tile bling in the shower make this bathroom.

Kids Bathroom

Kids Bathroom Painted Patterned Wall


Lastly, the upstairs contained a great loft area built for studying, reading, and relaxing.




You can see how the loft looks over the 2 story foyer.  I loved the white wainscoting they used ALL the way up the foyer wall.

Loft 2


This house was a biggie but provided lots of design inspiration.  Although this home isn’t 100% my style I enjoyed the spaces they put together and the level of interest and novelty involved.


How about you?  What design elements did you like?  Do you like how the home is decorated?  Which style of decorating do you think this home most resembles (modern, rustic, traditional, transitional)???  I hope you enjoyed the tour and maybe even got some ideas along the way!! :-)

DIY Faux Tufted Headboard

This week I’ve been working hard on my sons’ shared bedroom makeover.  Specifically I have been tackling their beds, one of which needed repair and both which needed some serious updating.  When deciding on how to update their beds I was inspired by the idea of a gray tufted upholstered headboard.


56" Deconstructed Chesterfield Sleigh Bed With Footboard

via Restoration Hardware

There is something so masculine and handsome about it.  I felt like something similar to this would really help the boys’ room feel more distinguished and sophisticated.  Of course, buying this one was out of the question!  The above bed runs between $2,000 and $2,600.

After reading Jen’s upholstered headboard tutorial  from Tatertots and Jello I decided to give the DIY a try and put my own twist on it!  I’m so glad I did!

Below is how my boys’ gray tufted (actually faux tufted) headboard turned out.

headboard full shot

diy  most inexpensive tufted headboardgray upholstered headboard

Would you believe it if I told you that two twin size headboards only cost me around $40 to make?  That’s only $20 per headboard!!  I love both the price and the look of this DIY!

Below is a full step by step process of how to make these headboards as well as a faux tufting trick I learned along the way!!!  You can do this!

Supplies- (1) 4×8 ft piece of plywood-  I got mine at Lowes for $7.35.   It was actually in a pile just outside the lumber door.  Most of the plywood this size is more expensive.  If you can’t find it ask a worker to show you where the plywood is that is under $10.

Full size Foam Mattress pad-  I got mine at Jo Ann’s for $22 (it was %50 off).

1-2 yards of fabric depending on the height you want your headboard to be.  I got my fabric at $5 a yard.

A Staple Gun

A jigsaw

Several buttons-  I already had my buttons from a large assortment pack I bought years ago.

DIY Upholstered headboard step 1

Diy upholstered headboard step 2

diy upholstered headboard step 3

diy upholstered headboard step 4

foam attached to headboard

uphostered tufted headboard step 5

extra fabric added to headboard

upholstered faux tufted headboard step 6

DiY faux tufted headboard step 7

faux tufted headboard tutorial

faux tufted headboard step 8

faux tufted headboard step 9

foam and fabric button

diy easy tufted headboard step 10

You can either prop the headboard up behind the bed if it’s the right height or you can use D-ring hooks and screws (into studs or anchors) to hang the headboard on the wall at the desired height.

I hope you found this tutorial helpful.  I know I could have probably figured out how to tuft the headboard with a needle and thread and drilling holes in the back of the headboard but this method got me the same result with less hassle!

I hope you have a great weekend!  Any big plans???

diy faux tufted headboard

DIY faux tufted headboard tutorial

DIY Decorative Boxes

Decorative Boxes have definitely become a trend in the design world as pieces of décor to adorn table tops, bookcases, and the like.



Surprisingly (at least to me) a set of 3 decorative boxes can ring in as high as $135+

Chevron Bone Boxes - Set of 3
via Home – $74 plus $11 shipping

Hadley Boxes - Set of 3
via – $135.99

You may remember in my recent Dining Room Update I added a grouping of 3 decorative boxes as a centerpiece for the dining room table.

Dining Room Summer Decor


I found the decorative box on the bottom clearanced at Homegoods for $9 (haha still boasting it’s price tag in the picture, oops).  The top two boxes I DIY-ed for $3!  Much less than the decorative box sets above!


Summer Centerpiece


You could easily DIY some decorative boxes for your home as well!  The idea started when my husband received a yummy Father’s Day present in the mail from my mom and dad.  They were Cheryl’s cookies and were tastefully enclosed in these cute plaid gift boxes.


decorative boxes

Realizing the cookies weren’t for me my brain went straight to “hmmm, is there a way I can use these handsome boxes as decorative boxes in my home”.  I couldn’t come up with a use for them as they were but I did envision them looking great in the dining room as a splash of coral and white!

Free boxes to use for this project could come to you in the mail (even as ugly brown packages) or as gift boxes when you buy clothing at a store.

I bet you have a few boxes laying around somewhere just waiting to become a home décor piece (think shoe boxes even).  You gotta think outside the BOX for this one (I know cheesy line.  It’s late here, it couldn’t be helped). :-)

All I did to create my decorative boxes was to use painters tape to establish the new design.

tape box

The areas I wanted to be white I painted first and then took off the tape and painted the unpainted areas coral.  I used wall paint samples for that paint but I’m sure you could also use craft/acrylic paints.

start to tape box

You can make any design you want.  If you google ‘free stencils’ you are likely to find some you could print out and use for this project or you could keep it simple and paint solids.  I love how the set of 3 decorative boxes on the bookshelf  are each a color in the same color family-they almost appear ombre.

Or for even more pop you could paint the lid and box different solid colors as shown below.

via The Hunted Interior

No matter how you paint yours I can bet 3 things  1) that it is a better version than what it looked like before  2) it was less expensive than buying a one at the store  3)  that your home just got more stylish with its addition.  :-)

I hope you enjoyed this DIY!  I am in the midst of more DIYs right now.  Can’t wait to share them!  I hope you have a wonderful day!

decorative boxes completed

An Old Favorite Paint Color & A New Favorite Paint Brand

Ever since my friend, Wendy, painted her laundry room Dolphin Fin by Behr a few years ago I have been in love with the color.  She paired it with white and yellow decor in her laundry room and it is oh so lovely!  It is a dreamy light gray color that has some subtle blue undertones.


Below are some rooms decked out in Dolphin Fin by Behr

via Simply Inspired Design

Design Sponge - living rooms - Behr - Dolphin Fin - Powell Coffee Table, gray walls, gray paint, gray paint colors, powell coffee table, glass top coffee table,

via Décor pad


via Shay Cocrane

via Life on Virginia Street

via Indulgy

paint color: behr dolphin grey

via Pinterest

Dolphin Fin by Behr paint. Relaxed, light, comfortable, and casual. by callie

via Indulgy

It wasn’t until recently that I found an opportunity to use it in my own home.  I have officially started the makeover of my son’s shared room.  It was already painted blue when we moved in and I kept the color because it went fine with the decor they already had from our home before.


boys room

But now that we have had much of the decor for several years I am ready for a change (and I think they are too).  Additionally, one of my boys managed to break the wood frame of their bed.  I tried to fix it with gorilla glue but it broke again 3 days later.  Anyways, coming up with a solution to that problem will be part of this bedroom makeover.

To launch this bedroom makeover I painted 3 out of the 4 walls behr dolphin fin.  The wall behind the beds will be painted a medium dark color, mostly likely gray.  I’m excited for the vision in my head to transpire to life.  I picture the room being fun yet classy!  I’ve always loved the boys room below!


One of the first posts that I ever wrote was on my favorite paint brand.  In it I discussed how Pottery Barn had “broken up with” Benjamin Moore for Sherwin Williams.  Also, I shared all about my favorite paint brand (to read this post click HERE).

In the process of painting the boys’ room I discovered a “new love”.  I still like my old favorite paint brand but I love the new one!!  In our old home we lived closest to Lowes and I got very accustom to the store and their products.  Now I live closer to Home Depot and out of sheer convenience have been going there more often.

I finally decided to try a Home Depot paint brand for the boys’ room instead of hauling my 4 kiddos over to Lowes.  I approached the man at the paint counter and frankly asked “so do you guys carry any really good paint”.  He replied “why, yes, our Behr Premium Plus Ultra paint has been ranked #1 by Consumer Reports 5 years in a row” (I haven’t researched to see if this is true).  I was skeptical  but at $32 a gallon I thought it was sure worth a try.

Well, I couldn’t be happier with the results!  I only had to do 1 coat.  Enough said.

No, really I’ve never been able to get away with painting only one coat.  All the other brands I’ve tried I’ve had to do 2 or 3 coats.  It was amazing!  I am not getting paid or compensated in any way for this opinion I’m just wanting to share my experience.  It goes on nicely and did I mention I  only had to do 1 coat!! :-)  Definitely worth a try!

Do you have a favorite paint color or paint brand?

Easiest Way to Remove Wallpaper!

I’m back today to share a majorly helpful tip on taking down wallpaper! Before we even bought our home I knew the wallpaper in the dining room HAD to be addressed!

Our Dining Room Before

Dining Room


Sure, I had seen worse wallpaper but this was definitely not my style and although I love brown tones in decorating I prefer to keep them to wood furniture rather than the color of my walls.

I very seriously researched the possibility of painting over the wallpaper and almost chanced it to get out of removing the wallpaper.  But  my sensible side won out since the feedback from the research carried mixed reviews.

I bought a container of ‘special’ wallpaper removal solution that came in a spray bottle.  I followed the directions and sprayed an area of wallpaper with it, waited 15 minutes, and then began to use a putty knife scraper tool to gently pull off the wallpaper.   The results were unimpressive.  I was lucky to get more than 3 inches of wallpaper off at a time.  And since the progress was SO painstakingly slow I started to get impatient and less gentle resulting in some dings on the wall from the scraper.

My dad was in town at the time and was kind enough to take pity on me and join in the fun misery.  It took us over two hours to only do about 1/10 of the room.  I was not a happy camper to say the least.

We decided to take a break despite the lack of progress and I’m so glad we did because  in a desperate hope to escape what I thought was my next 20 hours of wallpaper removal reality I located the “Removing Wallpaper the Easiest and Fast Way” Youtube videos.  My rescue from hours and hours of frustration and dismay!

I ended up modifying his method a little bit so I will describe the steps I used to easily take off the remaining 9/10ths of the wallpaper and leave links to his Youtube video at the end in case you still feel you want to watch the process in action.

Since the wallpaper removal solution was already completely used up in the first unproductive escapade I decided to fill the empty spray bottle up with warm to hot water.  I laid down towels at the bottom of the wall where I would be spraying to catch the water drips.  I sprayed about a 4-5 ft. (width) section of the wall all the way up and down the wall.  I made sure I sprayed the wall generously so that the water would soak through the paper completely.

After I sprayed the area I let it sit for 30 minutes.  Then I came back and sprayed the same area making sure it was nice and wet.  I again let it alone for 30 minutes.  Then when I came back after 3o minutes I gently pulled up the wallpaper from the very bottom and lo and behold it came off in one nice big sheet!!!  It comes off all the way from the bottom of the wall to the top of the wall!

As soon as you get all the wallpaper off the wall in that section take a towel and wipe down the wall.  Any remaining paste on the wall should come off onto the towel.  The paste may be hard to see so feel with your hands to make sure the paste has come all the way off the wall.  Warning:   If you wait to towel off the wall then the paste will dry on the wall and take more time to remove.

As you get the method down you can start spraying other 4-5ft. sections of the walls during the 30 minute waiting periods but you will need to be very attentive and organized with the timing of all the sections in order for the walls to stay properly wet.

I am SO grateful I found this method because who knows if I would have had the patience to go 20 hours longer slowing and painfully chipping away at my dining room wallpaper.  And I love that my version of the method is completely free (well, practically, I guess I do pay a water bill) :-)

Here is the before and after–

Before-Not my Style

Dining Room

After-It’s getting there

Dining Room Summer Decor

And here are the links to the “Removing Wallpaper the Easiest and Fast Way” Youtube Videos.

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4,

Anyone else been through heck and back trying to remove wallpaper??

4th of July Home Decor Deals

Happy 4th of July!!! I am popping in on this great day to share a few deals I’ve been spying around stores and online.

First, Hobby Lobby is having a huge sale on select home accents. I went by there yesterday and there was one full aisle of 80% off items, a half an aisle of 90% off items and 2 full aisles of 66% off items. There were several items at my local store that would be great to use for filling empty spots on mantles, consoles tables, bookcases, and shelves. Many were between $2-$8.

Remember these pretty blue and white porcelain pots from the Casual Elegance Post pictured below??  Well, Hobby Lobby had some smaller, similar versions of these pots for only $4 to $6 a piece!

casual elegance inspiration room


RugsUSA is having a 70%-80% off promotion at checkout (and free shipping) until July 7th.  This is just one of many stylish rugs offered.

via Rugs USA


Next, JC Penney is clearancing out a bunch of their drapes. And right now until July 6th you can get an extra 25% off of the clearance price when you checkout with the CODE: HOTDOG.

 Royal Velvet® Arden Stripe Back-Tab Curtain Panel

via JCP

There are some pretty ones like the serene, stripe one above.  With the 25% off code these are only $22 a panel for the standard 50 x 84 size.  They remind me a lot of Pottery Barn’s pricier Riviera Stripe Drape.

These are the deals I’m aware of, however, I know there are a lot more going on throughout the weekend.  So if you come across any feel free to share it in the comment section of this post!  Deal lovers UNITE!

Also, I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to share deals I come across.  Sometimes when I just see one deal I don’t feel I should post it since it’s just one deal–even if it’s a really good deal!  I’ve been thinking that in these cases it would be best for me to post it on Instagram.

So if you are at all interested in getting more frequent updates on deals I hear about or see you can go to my side bar below my picture and click the button, View on Instagram.  I believe that this will allow you to start following my Instagram feed.  Just don’t want you to miss out on any great deals!! :-)

Have a very Happy 4th!

DIY Chic Marble Top Console Table

I’m excited to share a new tutorial with you today! I have been eyeing this cute, sleek, and chic console table over at Wisteria.



via Wisteria

Did I mention it is topped with marble??  Ooh la la!  I was thinking that it  would sure look good in my dining room under the framed art.  There is just enough space behind the table that it seems to need something there but a certain something that would not take up too much space width wise, like Wisteria’s console table!




However, Wisteria’s pretty marble console table costs a pretty penny too– $899 plus a $100 process and delivery fee to be exact.  $1000 for a console table is WAY out of my budget.  I was determined to figure out a way to DIY a console table with a similar look and feel!  It took a little bit of time to figure out but I am pleased with the end result below.


My Fav Console Shot

DIY Marble Top Console Table


This is a simple DIY even a beginner DIY-er can do.  Here is the complete Step-by-Step tutorial with photos for all of those visual learners out there (like me).



Note- For some reason (that I haven’t figured out yet) tiles and wood aren’t really the sizes stated on the label.  For example the 12 x 24 tiles are really 11 3/4 x 23 1/2 and the 2×2 wood is really 1.5×1.5.  If the cuts I list down below seem weird that’s why just follow them anyway.


*** 2 tiles if you want your console table to be the standard 48 inch length or 3 tiles if you want your console table to be 72 inches (extra long).  I did 3 tiles because I thought it would be the best size for that specific space.  Purchased at Home Depot.

wood for legs

***Bought at Home Depot in the 2nd to last far left back aisle.  You can have them cut to the size you want.  For the longer version like mine cut (2) at 8 3/4 inches and (2) at 30 inches.   For the cuts of the standard size and design console table see diagram at the end of the post.

wood board option

****Okay, so I had some MDF left over from another project that I used.  Having used MDF though I would suggest using actual wood.  The MDF has more give (it’s not as strong as wood) and so the weight of the marble on top of it makes it sag down ever so slightly in the middle.  It is very slight so I decided to go ahead and use the MDF I already had but I think you would be happier making it with wood.  The wood for my size of console table probably would have cost around $10.  You can have your board cut there too.  55 inches for the length and 11 3/4 for the width.


Gold metallic spray paint

***You will need Gold Metallic Spray Paint which I bought at Home Depot for $3.50.  You will also need Liquid Nails, White Caulk, and Wood Glue


Lets Do It:



Step #1

spray legs

***You can also spray the sides and bottom of the long wood board too at this time.


Step #2

glue legs close up

***You will want to make sure that the legs are placed precisely to dry.  The distance between the tops of the legs should be 8 3/4 inches like it is on bottom.  I placed extra wood against the sides where they were glued to apply pressure since I don’t have a clamp.


Step #3

glue legs together


 Step #4

ready to be nailed

***It would help to have a second set of hands to keep everything steady on this step but it can be done alone carefully if you don’t have help on hand.


Step #5

nail gun

***I nailed it with several (at least 6) nails.  I don’t think I would use this method if you don’t have a nail gun.  I would drill a couple of pilot holes and then drill a couple of flathead 1 1/2 or 2 inch screws into each corner.


Step #6

Apply caulk or liquid nails

***I used caulk because I didn’t have any liquid nails on hand but I would advise using liquid nails!


Step #7

Placing first tile

***You will want to layout the tiles ahead of time to see what order they look best in.  You will want the tiles to look like it is one uniform piece so pay attention to the movement in the marble and determine which order looks best.  Also choose which tiles fit most snug together.  You want them to butt up next to each other tightly.


Step #8

Finished product

***Well, almost finished!  After placing the other marble tiles down carefully then…


Step #9

caulk it


Step #10

wipe it away

***Now you’re finished!!


DIY Marble Top Console Table


I do realize that this design is different than the Wisteria inspiration console table.  For a longer console table I preferred this design to the inspiration console.  However, if you are interested in making a standard sized console table I think the Wisteria design is a better fit.

I have created the diagram below with measurements so that if you want to make the Wisteria inspiration console which is a standard size you can!!!  Just follow the steps above and the measurement cuts below!


Marble top console table measurements

You can add those 2 extra 47inch wood pieces to the base of the table at the end of building the table. Just put wood glue on the ends and place then in between the supporting legs as shown in the diagram above!

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial. You can check out my DIY/Tutorials page to view all my tutorials to date! Have a great day!


Blue & White Striped Vase and a Sneak Peek

Hello! I’ve been busy this week Summer-izing and accessorizing my dining room. I’ve added many items to the room and all on a budget of course!


Dining Room Summer Decor


The Summer centerpiece is new and consists of 2 glass bottles I bought awhile back from Ikea, a large decorative box I picked up from a Homegoods clearance aisle,  2 coral and white diy-ed decorative boxes, all on top of a pre-finished white washed  laminate board.


Summer Centerpiece


And on the console table (insert whistle call) I brought in a lantern I already had, this diy-ed gold sea branch, and some lovely vases.


My Fav Console Shot


To those who are new here I have been alluding to a great DIY project in the works and this, my friends, is it!!  A marbled top console table!  Tutorial coming very soon!

DIY Marble Top Console Table


In the meantime I wanted to share this Wisteria Inspired DIY Vase.

blue and white striped painted vase


For a good while now I’ve been crushing on this Wisteria blue and white striped lamp.

Wisteria - Accessories - Shop by Category - Lamps & Lighting - Blue Peter Lamp

via Wisteria

If I had to give it a nick name it would be The Bold and The Beautiful.:-)  As I was thinking about what I could dress my new console table with (can I just tell you how excited I am about how it turned out?!):-) I thought wow that Wisteria lamp would look really good atop!  Unfortunately, I didn’t have $210 to spend on the lamp but I did have $3.50 and that is what I paid to DIY this Wisteria inspired vase.

Here is how it all went down– First I spotted this vase at my local Goodwill for $2.50.  It was a great size and shape but a not so current pinkish mauve color.

vase before


Next, I sprayed the upper inside of the vase with some gold metallic spray paint.

Gold metallic spray paint


Then I (we) painted the whole outside of the vase white.  This is when the vase’s injury occurred.  I was naïve and let my ever so “helpful” 3 year old paint it with me.  We are just painting the whole thing white, not too difficult, I thought to myself.  Well, until I realized  that I needed to grab my camera so I could take pictures for this post.  I ran inside (we were in the garage) real quick to get my camera and when I returned that cute little girl exclaimed “I broke it, Mommy”!

Well, it was inevitable and I actually am kind of liking the artistic, unique flair the defect gives it.  I may change my mind later and glue the pieces back on but for now it’s loved just as it is.

paint vase all white


The next step is to wrap painters’ tape in all the areas you want to stay white.  I chose for the vase’s “neck” to remain white and then did stripes about every two inches all the way down.

frog tape it


I used the frog tape that I had employed in DIY-ing the decorative boxes.  I could definitely tell it created more defined lines with the boxes but it didn’t do as great a job with the vase.  I think this was because the vase is rounded and so it was more difficult to get the tape positioned properly.  It did a good enough job though (this is not a sponsored or compensated post, just giving my opinion on how the project went).


Next step  is to take some navy blue spray paint (I had some on hand from this project) and spray the smithereens out of the pot.   You want to make sure you have sprayed every single white part showing.


After it dries you can take off the tape and enjoy your new, pretty expensive looking vase

painted vase after


It is a bit 4th of July looking, isn’t it??  Maybe that’s why I like it so much. :-)  Come back soon to learn how easy it is to make your own marble top console table!!