To Create Your Own Artwork or Not to Create Your Own Artwork?

One of the easiest ways to save money on artwork for your home is to create your own.  It can be hard to find artwork that speaks to me personally and that comes with an affordable price tag.

There is no other more personal wall decor than something you’ve created yourself.  It is extremely satisfying to be able to decorate your home with your own artwork.

Today I’m going to share a couple of new paintings I did this past week in hopes that it will inspire you to consider (if you haven’t already) trying your hand at it.

As usual I first found some artwork that inspired me and that I wanted to try and replicate.  I’m not an artist by training so I go into it knowing I’m not going to be able to paint it exactly the same but that I will use it as a direction to go in.

I recently came across this artwork on Sarah’s blog, Life on Virginia Street, and loved it.  It has both a cheerful and a relaxed vibe and I thought it might look good in my master bathroom.

Minted Inspo Pic

via Minted

I didn’t like the price tag though!  I already had dark blue and white wall paint, paint brushes, and a left over canvas from a 2-pack purchase so I decided why not give it a whirl.

The darker blue made it a little less cheerful but I still really like the result.

Navy DIY Artwork

I bought the canvas 2-pack at Michael’s for only $8 (that’s only $4 a canvas)!  The bigger brush below was $1 from the Dollar Tree.  The plant below was in the bouquet of flowers I got from my Valentine this year and that I kept to cheer me on for this project (you didn’t know plants make great cheerleaders, did you)?:-)

DIY Artwork Supplies

I started by painting a coat of the navy paint onto the canvas with the larger brush.  I used a plastic kitchen garbage bag underneath to protect the table.

DIY Artwork Painting

I like to have a picture of my inspiration painting in clear view as I paint.

DIY Artwork Tutorial

I started with the outline of the plant.

DIY Artwork Instructions

Then added v shaped leaves.

DIY Artwork PLant

Then it was looking a little sparse so I added some more offshoots and leaves to fill in the gaps. And voila it was done!  It took me maybe 25 minutes to do and under $10 to make.

Hint:  Wall paint leftovers and paint samples are perfect for creating artwork for your home.

DIY Artwork

The other artwork I created this week is for our master bedroom refresh that I am working on right now.  I LOVE these two beautiful abstracts and decided to use them both as inspiration for my bedroom painting.

Studio Mcgee Spring_Fog_2

via Mcgee & Co.

Studio Mcgee Spring_Fog_1

via Mcgee & Co.

And here is what I was able to create in 40 minutes and for about $30 (again using left over wall paint).

DIY Sky Abstract Painting

Considering each of the inspiration paintings are priced at about $1,000 a piece I’m feeling really good about my $30 artwork.

I really like the top half of my painting but the bottom half I may work on some more (that’s the beautiful thing about paintings you can always go back and improve it if you want and if in 5 years years down the road you are wanting something different you can just paint right over it and create something completely new)!

The first step I took with this painting is to add the gray part of the painting.  I had recently painting my toilet room Benjamin Moore Classic Gray and still had the roller perserved in an enclosed bag.

So I got the roller out “as is” and rolled the paint that was left on the roller onto the canvas.

DIY Painting Step 1

Next, I also still had the white semi gloss enamel that I had painted my cabinets perserved in a bag so I got that out and rolled on white paint around the painting.  I love how the extra sheen of the semi gloss gives the painting a bit of an iridescent glow in certain angles.

DIY Painting Step 2

Next I got out some left over gold metallic spray paint!  And sprayed (outside) a line of it above the gray.

DIY Painting Step 3

I pulled out some more leftover paint this time from the coffee table I painted light blue in my family room.  I brushed a little of the top of the painting and a lot of it on the bottom half.

DIY Paintings Step 4

Lastly I added the darker blue tones around the gray and gold areas.

To create a thin frame like in the inspiration paintings I searched the trim aisle at Home Depot and found this thin pine trim piece.

Once home I held it up to the painting, marked where to cut and then cut the trim with my miter saw.

DIY Canvas Frame

I then used my nail gun to nail the trim to the sides of the canvas (Nail gun tutorial Here).

DIY Canvas Frame Instructions

This large canvas was $20 at Michael’s (with their 40% coupon) and the framing trim was around $7.  The colors in the painting match my bedroom colors perfectly and I love it’s peaceful vibe.

DIY Sky Abstract Painting

So to create your own artwork or to not create your own artwork? You can probably guess my answer. YES!  Create your own artwork!!

Need some more instruction on how?  HERE is a step by step tutorial to painting the paintings below I did for our powder bathroom.

How to Paint an Abstract Painting



THIS is the tutorial for the spring abstract below.

How to Paint an Abstract Painting


HERE is another step by step abstract tutorial.

How to Paint a DIY Abstract Painting


This one hangs in our dining room.



And more recently I made this one for our living room.

Living Room Couch


Lastly HERE is a tutorial for the butterfly artwork I did for my daughter’s room years ago.

DIY Butterfly Wall Art


If you haven’t already I hope you will try your hand at creating art for your home!  It is very rewarding and a fabulous way to save money decorating your home!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend (yay, it’s almost here)!!  And as always let me know if you have any questions!




How to Create Artwork for Your Home

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