Laundry Room Makeover Reveal!

Alas today I’m sharing my laundry room makeover reveal!

I asked The Home Depot if they would be willing to partner with me on this makeover and I am thrilled  that they said yes!:-)

I shop there all of the time but a few months back when my three year old needed to use the restroom (he’s at the age where he wants to check out the bathroom of every store we go into!) I noticed a bunch of beautiful unfinished cabinetry  against the back wall near the restrooms.



When I went to inspect them closer I was floored by how affordable and nice they were.  They are about half the price of the pre-finished ones and in the shaker style that is very classic and popular these days!


I immediately thought of using them in my upcoming laundry room makeover.

When we moved into our home 4.5 years ago  the laundry room was as basic as you can get with just a rack above the washer and dryer.

I didn’t like all of the laundry stuff out in the open so a few years ago we moved three spare (beat up) cabinets from the garage into the laundry room.

Since getting a dog this Summer and as the kids acquire more art supplies it became apparent that we needed more cabinet storage in our laundry room.  This was the perfect affordable option!

Finishing and hanging the cabinets were not difficult to do.  I am over at The Home Depot blog today sharing my complete laundry room makeover as well as step by step instructions for painting and installing the cabinets.

Here’s a couple of sneak peeks!:-)




Please click HERE to check out the full makeover!!  And as always let me know if you have any questions!:-)

I hope you have a great rest of your weekend!!




I Love Hearing from You!

  1. Tara, you did a fantastic job on your laundry room, very pretty & polished. However, I did notice one teeny tiny thing you may have overlooked. In one of your photos you can see the bottom of the cabinets are not painted. It would only take about 15 minutes to correct this. Otherwise, love it all, very inspiring.

  2. I assume the silver rod/circle light fixture is from Home Depot? Luv the colors – & tubs/bins on top. I immediately thought Xmas presents hiding spot. Nobody will go try & search in the laundry room!

  3. I wondered if you could show or give a little more detail on hiding the litterbox. Your description on the Home Depot blog mentions the vanity being placed a few inches out from the wall but it looked like it was up against the wall. And if it was placed ‘out’ from the wall then wouldn’t the countertop and backsplash combo also be ‘out’ from the wall?

  4. I’m glad to see that you are using solid wood cabinets for your project. Just a warning to those who opt for the cheaper Thermofoil cabinets. They are cabinets with heated vinyl attached and look really smooth and sleek. I made the the mistake of purchasing some for a bathroom remodel 10 years ago and at about year 8 the vinyl started to peel away from the wood. I am now trying to do a repair that I’m not sure will look very good. Just a warning if you want your cabinets to look nice for years to come.