Powder Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Wahooo, it’s time to do some revealing!!! Of my main floor bathroom that is! I started this makeover about 5 weeks ago. It feels like it has been dragging on forever! I find some makeovers and projects come together quickly and others like to unravel painfully slow. This one was the painfully slow kind (which is not so kind).

The primary reason for such a slow pace was that I struggled catching a vision for the room. I knew I was going for an elegant bathroom.


And I knew I wanted to add this kind of tiling.



And to incorporate a DIY version of these paintings

Cote De La Mer

via Ballard Designs


And to get the feel of this bathroom


But as far a putting it all together it took awhile to figure out!

So without further adieu here it is–


BEFORE (minus the chair rail)

bathroom before_edited-2






pedstal sink




What did I add and how much did it cost???



DIY Ballard Design Knockoff Paintings- $5 each (Tutorial to come!)



Target Clearance Side Table-$20.98



DIY painted vase (click Here for tutorial)- $1, Fresh cut branches-free. Decorative balls-already had

New Table



diy vase



 Large Mirror-already had left over from Master Bath Makeover, Faux Sconce Light Fixture- $4.50 at local thrift store

fake light


New Towel Ring- $16 (used to have a towel bar there), already had little plant and hand towel

towel ring



New Faucet- $44 at Home Depot

new faucet



Chair rail and ledge-$30, Tile (and supplies)$28, Paint- White paint I already had and paint above was $6 (Behr Roman Plaster but used Sherwin Williams sample size)

tile work




Grand Total-$160.50



I am still strongly considering adding wainscoting under the chair rail and crown molding but I hit my budget so that will have to wait.  I also may end up painting above the chair rail some kind of blue-toned color someday.  Who knows??  But for now I am content with my powder bath and no longer feel shy about visitors using the bathroom at our house.  Wahooo!

In summary, I learned the elements to include when designing/decorating an elegant powder bathroom are:  a frameless or ornate mirror, a sconce or two, flowers or botanicals, some sort of decorative molding, a decorative accent on the walls such as tiling, wallpaper, stencil, grasscloth, etc.,  and paintings or pictures.
If you would like to create a similar chair rail and accent tiling click here to get the step by step tutorials!  Anybody else ever have a room makeover that seemed to take forever to figure out???


powder bath redo2

37 thoughts on “Powder Bathroom Makeover Reveal

  1. Amy

    I love your bathroom, Tamara! I would never have thought of using a large mirror, but it certainly adds to the elegant feel of the room. All your accessories add so much to the room too! I am interested in the faux sconce light. Did you have to clip off any wiring? Is it just screwed into the wall? Congratulations, on a great make-over!

    1. Tamara Post author

      Thanks Amy! Thankfully no electrical tweaking was needed for the faux light. I found the gold candle holder sconce on one aisle and the glass covers on another aisle. I immediately tried putting the glass onto the candle holders and with a little finagling they fit. So I took them home and glued light bulbs and the glass covers onto the sconce. It had a spot for hanging it on a nail on the wall so it was easy to put up. It definitely helped bring an elegant feel to the room!

      1. Ann

        OMG Tamara! you should be one of those designers at Houzz.com! great great beautiful work! where did you find the sconces? I would love to have one of them! thanks for sharing!

        1. Tamara Post author

          So sweet of you to say, Ann! Houzz is so inspiring to me! I found the sconces at my local Goodwil Thrift Store. The glass covers were found on a separate aisle then the gold base. I put them together and brought them home for less than $4. Definitely checkout your local thrift store. You never know what treasures you could find!:-)

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  3. Kim

    Love the bathroom make over, we are needing to do ours, and I have been wanting to do a light color, something that wasn’t over powering but also showed some color of style and I love this color you have used. I would love to know the color you used on your bathroom walls.

    1. Tamara Post author

      Of course! I found the tiles a few months ago on clearance at Lowes. The item #269548. It is Seabreeze Glass/Stone Mosaics. I hope you can find it or at least something very similar!:-)

  4. Julie

    I have the inspiration bathroom picture the one with the tiles pinned. We also have the same pedestal sink. How did you ever change out the faucet. I have been thinking about doing over our powder room also. I’m not loving our faucets and have been stumped as to how to change out the faucets

    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi Julie, that is a great question! This was the 4th faucet I’ve changed out and it can be tricky. I learned how to do it by putting “how to replace a faucet” into google search and reading and watching any tutorials I could get my hands on. I did take pictures of the process. I will see if I can get a tutorial post out on it in the next couple weeks. Faucets sure can make an aesthetic difference!

  5. howsweeteats

    Love the Ballard copycat tutorial and paintings! I love their paintings and did purchase a reasonably priced Storm giclee…but the other ones are so pretty, too.

    Could I ask the reasoning behind extending the mirror? The After photo shows a mirror above the toilet. We have this in our new apartment. The guys think it… well… weird since they go to the bathroom standing up and see… well… you know.

    1. Tamara Post author

      Haha, loved your question! :-). Originally, I chose to do a large wall length mirror because I love how it looked in some inspiration photos I found on Houzz.com. I felt like it would make the half bath appear more spacious too. And I do think it did! However, once in use I did realize (don’t know why I hadn’t thought of it before) I was seeing way more of myself in the bathroom than I was use to…it was a bit awkward I must admit!:-). Anyways, sadly the big mirror came crashing down in the middle of the night and is no longer. There will be a powder bathroom reveal take 2 at some point in the future. Will it contain a extra large mirror? Probably not. Thanks for your question!:-)

    1. Tamara Post author

      Shoot I wish I knew what it was called. I got in Lowes’ main trim aisle. It came pre-primed and is just under 2 inches wide. I liked how it had bit (3/4ths inch deep) ledge to it. I hope you can find it or something similar!

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    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi, Pat, I’m sorry I confused you my sink is a pedestal sink that came with the home. You may be looking at one of the inspiration photos…below the inspiration photos there is a link that if you click on might help you find the sources for items in the room. Best wishes!!

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  9. allison

    I’m working from the same inspiration photo (with the narrow sink from Houzz)! I’m basically going to copy that whole look (haha I’m not all that original)! Did you put the tile directly on the drywall or did you put cement block behind the tiles?


  10. Skye

    Hi. I found this reveal while looking at your abstract painting tutorial. I love it! What is the name of the plant on the sink? Does it grow well without a lot of light? It is very pretty and I’m hoping easy to take care of 🙂 Thanks.

    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi Skye! Both of the plants in this powder bath are fake plants. I almost always buy fake plants because I have a hard time keeping live ones alive. Do you have a Homegoods by you? I’ve had good luck finding attractive faux plants for good prices at Homegoods. Happy New Year!:-)

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