Going Coastal

Hello!  I hope it’s been a great week for everyone!  I can’t believe next week will officially be Summer and that half of 2016 is almost over (time is flying)!!

As I mentioned in my post on Finding your Unique Decorating Style one of the styles I love incorporating into my own home is the coastal style.  Whether you want to add elements of coastal decor all year long or just for the Summer this post will give you ideas (and lot of eye candy) on how to the achieve the look without going overboard (no pun intended).:-D

Here are 5 Tips for Decorating Coastal Style

(I’ve included some affiliate links for your convenience).

1. Blue.  The color blue in all variations almost always presents itself in coastal decor (soft blues, green-blues, and navy blues are most popularly used).  This definitely doesn’t mean the wall color has to be blue!  Blue can show up anywhere in decor such as; upholstered armchairs,  rugs, drapes, wall art, pillows, painted island or cabinet, etc.

2. Stripes.  The pattern of stripes is closely associated with a coastal vibe.  There are so many places you can use this pattern such as;  rugs, accent pillows, drapes, art, woodwork (like shiplap or board and batten), etc.

3.Natural Fibers,  Natural fibers such as jute, sisal, basket weaves, and bleached woods all read very coastal.  Adding these natural elements can be as easy as purchasing a natural fiber rug, using a weaved hemp basket to hold a plant, rush seat stools, or a bleached wood console table. etc.

4.Pictures of or Items found by the Beach.  These a decor items like coral, starfish, seashells, pictures of the ocean, pelicans, fish, and other ocean animals.  A word of caution:  Use these items maybe once or at the most twice in a room you are decorating.  These particular coastal decor items can get too theme-y very quickly so stick to one or two.

5. White or Light Colored Walls.  If you want the light and airy feel of coastal decorating all year long then you may want to paint your walls white, off white, or very pale color.  White or light colored walls automatically open up a space and gives that take a deep breath and relax by the ocean feel.


Below are 20 Coastal Inspired Spaces.  If you think it would be fun see which of the 5 coastal decorating tips each of the photos contains (I would give you answers below each photo but I haven’t learned how to type upside down yet).:-D


beach home decor

via The Lilypad Cottage


beach home decor

Victoria Hagan via Architectural Digest


Beach decor

via Garrison Hullinger Interior Design


beach home decorating

via Ballard Designs


coastal decor

via Willams-Sonoma

Coastal Kitchen

via Lucy Williams Interior

Coastal Bathroom

via Muskoka Living Interiors

Turquoise Bath4oom Cqbinets Coastal Decorating photos

via Mark Williams Design

Dining Room Coastal Inspired

via Kate Marker Interiors

Coastal Decorating photos

via My Design Chic

coastal foyer decor

via Brooke Wagner Design


pottery barn coastal decor

via Pottery Barn

Medfield Colonial


Blackband Design via Houzz
My Work


Hyannis Cottage Renovation




Waterside Home


Coastal Casual
Brooke Wagner Design Coastal Decorating


Are you coastal-inspired or is it not your thing?  What coastal elements do you enjoy having in your home?  I hope you have a great weekend and if there are any Dads out there reading Happy Father’s Day!:-)

Coastal Inspired Interiors

Beat up Table Turned Beautiful Farmhouse Table

I recently helped my friend, Heather, transform her beat up kitchen table into a beautiful farmhouse table.  Her 13 year old daughter is obsessed with the Fixer Upper show and Joanna Gaine’s style.  She asked if I would help her daughter with a project she had found on Pinterest where Diana from Our Vintage Home Love had taken off the top of their existing table and replaced it with a farmhouse-styled top.

our vintage home love diy farmhouse table\

via Our Vintage Home Love

My friend, Heather, had a sturdy table with beautiful legs but the tabletop had taken a beating over the years with four young kids.

DIY Farmhouse Table Before

With all of the screws under her table we thought for sure it meant we would be able to remove the tabletop however after taking a good looksy underneath we realized the top was going nowhere!

Kitchen Table Upcycle

As I was thinking about what to do the idea came to me…why don’t don’t we just install the wood planks right over the existing table top!

So that’s exactly what we did!


DIY Table Before

And the Afters

DIY Farmhouse Table After

DIY Farmhouse Table

How we did it:

First, the legs and base/apron of the table were painted white.  We used this tutorial for painting wood furniture which consists of using a deglosser and then 3 coats of enamel paint.

DIY Farmhouse Table Painted Legs

You can paint the table with their legs on or take them off just be sure paint the entire apron of the table.

DIY Farmhouse Table Painting Base

Next we measured the width and length of the table.  The width was 42 inches.  We used 2″x8″ pieces of pine boards to create the tabletop.

Even though the pine board says it is 8 inches wide it will really be around 7.25″.  So, 7.25 times 6 is 43.5″.  We felt good about there being a .75″ overhang on each side of the table so we went with (6)  2″x8″ pine boards (cost of boards came to about $40).

We had the length of the boards cut at the store 1.5 inches longer than the existing table top.

Tip:  When you are picking out the pine boards I would line them up on the floor of the store to make sure they line up together well.  Some boards may be warped slightly and it is hard to tell until you line them up next to each other.

The next step we took was measure the width of the table and marked the center of it (as seen with the arrow below).    We then added lines of Liquid Nails adhesive down the center of the tabletop.

If you have an even number of boards like we did (6)  you will lay the first two boards down so that they meet at the very center of the table.

DIY Farmhouse Table Liquid Nails

Keep adding Liquids Nails adhesive to the tabletop and line the pine boards up until they are all on and lined up correctly.

DIY Farmhouse Table Attaching Top

Let the adhesive dry for 12-24 hours or as package indicates.

It was very important to Heather to fill in the cracks between the different boards (the last thing she wanted was to have food stuck in cracks).  So to fill the cracks we used stainable, natural colored wood filler.

Stainable Wood Filler

via Amazon (affiliate link)

We squeezed the filler out onto the crack and then wiped it smooth with our finger.  Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away any excess wood filler.

DIY Farmhouse Table Wood Filler

We let the wood filler dry for a couple of hours and then sanded the whole table down by hand with fine grit sandpaper.  Some of the boards may be ink stamped. Sanding those areas well will take it away.

DIY Farmhouse Table Sanding

Next stain the boards as desired (be sure to wipe away all the dust before this step).

Heather loved the look of the table below so we decided to leave the boards unstained and just white wash the table in areas.

Inspiration DIY Farmhouse Table

Source Unknown (please let me know if you know the source of this photo).

White wash can be made by mixing one part paint to 4 parts water.  Now just start going for it!

Diy Farmhouse Whitewahing

Heather’s daughter did a beautiful job with the white wash!  Add the white wash with a brush and then immediately wipe it away with a rag.

DIY Farmhouse Table White Washing

After getting the first coat on how we liked it we added even more water to the mixture and “splotched it” on next to the white wash we had already done.  This way the white wash appears less defined and more natural and faded.

Once you get it the way you want it’s time to protect all your hard work!

diy farmhouse table protective coat

We used water based Minimax polycrylic in matte (none shiny) finish.  We applied 3 thin coats and lightly sanded in between each coat.

Let it dry and then you’re done!

Farmhouse Table DIY

I think it turned out beautifully!  And Heather has ordered some chairs for the table that are very similar to the inspiration photo.  It’s going to look awesome!

Metal Chairs for DIY Farmhouse Table

via Amazon

Do you have any tabletops that need a facelift?  This could be your answer.  Let me know if you have any questions!:-)


How to Turn any Table into a Farmhouse Table

A Beautiful Master Bedroom Makeover for Lolly

I’m excited to share Lolly’s bedroom makeover today!  Lolly is a friend who I’ve been helping makeover her house one room at a time.

We started with the Powder Bathroom, then the Laundry Room, and now her Master Bedroom.  All of these makeovers have been done on a budget!

I do the interior design planning and Lolly does most of the DIY.  It has been fun for me to see how her hard work has been paying off!!

Here are the before shots.

edroom Makeover Before Picture


Bedroom Makeover Before


Bedroom Makeover Before Gallery Wall



And now the After!

Master Bedroom Renovation


bedroom makeover


Makeover Bedroom


Master Bedroom Barndoor


Bedroom Makeover Gallery Wall After


Master Bedroom Makeover Gallery


Bedroom Makeover Photos


There are several ways we saved money on this makeover.  To begin, the drapes were only $5 per a”panel” (they are made from flat sheets).  Hanging them 2-4 inches from the ceiling is a trick to making drapes look more expensive and the ceiling appear taller!


Master Bedroom Makeove


Lolly bought the bench at a stager’s sale for only $45 and the chandelier at a garage sale for $10.  It was super brassy.

Bedroom Makeover Ceiling Light Before


We spray painted the chandelier and her matching black nightstand lamps polished chrome with this exact spray paint (affiliate link).  It’s my favorite for getting the polished chrome look!  The matching black nightstands were from a garage sale too!

Master Bedroom Photo


Master Bedroom Lamp


The feature wall gives a ton of bang for the buck!


Master Bedroom Makeover Final


She used (7) 8ft. long primed mdf 1×4’s which cost a total of $30.   Below shows the order that she installed them with the arrow indicating that a level is a must for this project!

DIY Wood grid wall tneatment


Lolly also paint all her brown trim and doors white as well as installed white casing around her windows which made a huge difference in brightening up the space!  The subtle yellow paint on the walls is Behr Butter.


The white bedding is Pottery Barn which she got at a stager’s sale for only $50.  The accent pillows and throw are from Homegoods.   The quilt at the end of the bed was our jumping off point for the room which she bought at a garage sale for $10.

Master Bedroom Accent Pillows


Lolly already had a large blank canvas she had gotten for a great deal in storage so we decided her bedroom would be the perfect place to use it!  I got out some of my old wall paint samples and a couple of new little acrylic paint bottles and went to town!  You can watch the progression of the painting below!





She added the “frame” which she made from wood spray painted the same silver spray paint as the lights!

Master Bedroom Inspiration


We put the gallery wall together by combining frames she already had with frames she bought clearanced at Michael’s.  We stuck to black, white, and silver frames to tie in with the rest of the room.

It was a lot easier to do the gallery wall then I thought it would be!  We just played around with the frames on the floor until we felt like it was visually balanced.

How to put together a gallery wall


Then you can use posterboard (it’s 50 cents at the Dollar Tree) to trace each frame and cut it out.  We taped the pasteboard on the wall where the corresponding frame position would be.

How to Create a Gallery Wall

Once all of the pasteboards were on the wall we moved them around until it looked right (this way you aren’t making a bunch of nail holes in the wall while moving the frames around).

Master Bedroom Gallery Wall

Once the p0sterboard is all in place you can make the nail holes and hang the frames!  We pulled the dresser in from a spare bedroom that was not being used.

It was oak so painted it black to balance out the black bed frame/headboard and nightstands across the room (tutorial for painting furniture black).

Lolly's Bedroom Makeover

The last change to the room was the barn door.  Lolly’s budget for the bedroom makeover was between $300-$500.  Before the barn door, including paint and everything the makeover came to $300.

Because Lolly still had room in her budget she decided to include the barn door she had hoped for!  She and her husband consulted many tutorials online to come up with what they did!  Her husband made it for her and got it done just in time for Mother’s Day (total cost was around $200).:-)


Master Bedroom Barn door Bathroom


Before we started the makeover I asked Lolly what feeling she wanted the master bedroom to exude and wrote her answer down,  “clean, calm, fresh, elegant, and bright”.  Her favorite style is farmhouse glam.  How do you think we did?

I hope you got some ideas and were inspired in some way from this makeover!  As always thanks for being here!!  I hope you have a happy and safe Memorial weekend!!



Master Bedroom Makeover Without Breaking the Bank

Hands Down Best Silver Paint Spray


Boys Bedroom Makeover Reveal

Hello!  I hope you’ve had a great week!  This week I’m excited to share my youngest son’s “big boy” room makeover reveal!  My son is almost three years old and was ready to move from his crib to a big boy bed!  Can you tell he is proud of his new big boy room (or maybe he is just wondering if Mom is ever going to stop taking pictures of his room)?:-)

Boys Room Makeover


As a reminder below was his bedroom as a nursery.

boy Nursery


And here is a photo of the bedroom before we moved in.

boy Nursery


And here is the now!

Boys Room Makeover Reveal


The bed was free from a friend who was moving and didn’t want to take it.  It sat in my basement for a couple of years until we were ready to use it.

Boy Room Bed


It had some screws showing and was kind of plain so I decided dress it up with some DIY faux drawer fronts.

Boys Room Bed Before Faux Drawer Front


I think it gives it a much more “expensive” look.

Kids Room Makeover


The knitted blanket at the end the bed was made by my sweet, talented Mom who made it for my son when he was a baby.  She used this tutorial to make it!

kids Room


I fell in love with the navy and white checked duvet cover which was on sale at Pottery Barn Kids for $63.  You can find it here if interested.  I also had to get a duvet insert which I bought here because it got such good reviews.  We’ve loved it too! (affiliate links).

Big Boy Room

Boys Room

Boys Room Boat Decor

Boys Room Pillow

Boy Room Makeover Decor

kids room bookcase headboard


The sailboat, compass, plant, and striped pillow were all from Homegoods/Marshalls.  The whale art above is a DIY  (tutorial found Here).

kids Room Artwork


The wall art above is something I whipped up in photoshop elements (frames are from Homegoods).

And the light fixture below is a DIY too which cost me $10 max!    It was inspired by a light fixture from Shades of Light costing $159.  The tutorial to come!

kids room light fixture


I put beadboard wallpaper up horizontally in his nursery  (tutorial found, Here).  I think it helps his small room feel a bit larger.  I added a small piece of wood trim at the bottom of the wallpaper to give it more definition.

I kept the same paint color (Benjamin Moore Horizon) on the walls from the nursery.

Kids Room DIY Lighting


I added wood trim around the window (as seen above).  And I also bought this exact woven wood roman shade.  The website says it is $65 but it was $55 in the store.  They cut the width down for me to fit my window size free of charge (which is why they say it is “custom”).  I made sure it was light filtering so that it could be nice and dark when he naps (anything to keep the naps going)!!:-)

The dresser was a $40 Craigslist snag I bought for the nursery.  It had white plastic drawer pulls but I DIY-ed them up for extra style in his “big boy” room.  Tutorial to come.

Boy Room Dresser


The lamp, tortoise shell shadow box, and tray were all from Homegoods at great prices!

Boys Room Coastal Decor


And the hall tree didn’t use to look so fresh and modern!  It was wooden.  I painted it Benjamin Moore Old Navy (before and afters and tutorial Here).

Boys Room Decor


It’s amazing what some paint and updated hardware can do!

Painting Old Furniture Ideas

Boys Room Photo


As I mentioned in a previous post my friend, Erin, who is taking a design course with me helped a lot on this makeover.  She did a lot of the space planning and shopping for decor items.  She definitely has an eye for design!!

Kids Bedroom


I think my son’s favorite part of his new room is easy access to his favorite books!:-)

Boy Room Reading


If you like his bedroom makeover I would love to hear what your favorite part is!!  I hope you have a great weekend and as always thank you so much for being here!!:-)



Boy's Bedroom Makeover Reveal!

The Importance of Architectural Details & DIY Media Wall Unit

Hello!  In the design course I’m taking right now I’ve learned that it is ideal (but of course not always possible) for each room you decorate to have an architectual feature.  Possible architectual features include fireplaces, woodwork, archways, beams on ceilings, crown molding, a bay window, built-in bookcases and the list goes on!

Here are some examples!

The ceiling woodwork, unique windows and window cabinets, and custom island.

A Designer


The built-in entry storage cabinetry and french doors.

Washington Park


Woodwork above the mantel, fireplace, built-in bookcases, and the woodwork on celing.

Danbury Way


The wood trim on the walls, crown molding, and coffered ceiling.



The alcove space, the wood trim on the walls and the trim around the front door.

Nantucket in the Palisades


The upper arched window, the vertical planking on the wall, the wood trim above the stove and on the wall and refrigerator, the custom island, and trim on the ceiling.

Traditional Kitchen
via Houzz


The window seat and window trim.

Mid Century Model


Older homes tend to have these interesting architectural details throughout the home.  These details give a home lots of charm and character.  However over the course of recent decades builders have learned that it saves them money to by pass such features.

Many homes built these days are what has been coined “builder-basic”.  These homes are very plain with no architectural bells or whistles.

If you have spaces that are lacking in architectual detail you may want to consider adding character to your home by DIY-ing some architectural features!

Today I am over at Remodelaholic sharing one of those possible features–A “Built-in” Media Wall Unit!

This is what my basement looked like before (the steel poles were not the archtectual feature I was really hoping for)!

DiY media wall storage unit before



And now the same wall after building a Media Wall Unit–SO much better!

Kid's Rec Room

The full tutorial for our basement Media Wall Unit is on Remodelaholic today, Here!

If you are new to the blog you can check out all my DIY wood projects, Here, many of which include ways to add architectural detail.

I have been loving the architectural detail I recently gave my hallway and for only $30.  It’s made a huge difference in adding character to our home!  Tutorial found, Here.

DIY wood projects

Foyer and Hallway

This weekend I’m working hard on the finishing details of my youngest son’s bedroom makeover which I am planning to share the reveal next week!!  I’ve incorporated some new architectural details in his room too!:-)

Are there ways you would like to add architectural detail in your home?  Let me know in the comments if there are any DIY wood projects you would like to learn to do to add character to your home and I can try to help!!

As always thanks for being here and if your interested don’t forget to check out the Media Wall Unit tutorial, Here!:-)


Have a great weekend!!



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