About Me

About Me

My name is Tamara (pronounciation rhymes with camera but I’ll answer to anything that starts with a T).:-)  I grew up in Ohio. I’m the youngest of 5 children (2 brothers and 2 sisters). My oldest sister is mentally handicapped so although I was numerically the youngest I didn’t have the typical “youngest” experience (at age 5 I was already helping get my 15 year old sister ready for bed).

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Growing up I enjoyed playing soccer, running, dancing (even cheering for a couple of years), art, and crafting with my mom and sister.   One of the many activities my sister and I enjoyed doing together was using graph paper to draw up our dream homes.:-)

I received a bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University in Psychology and a Master’s Degree in Social Work (Counseling) from The Ohio State University. I love getting to know people especially on a deeper level. It isn’t uncommon that when I meet someone I will ask them 20 questions—I’m genuinely SO curious and care about each person.

In and after college I had the opportunity to live in Utah, Hawaii, Mexico, and North Carolina. I enjoyed exploring each new place (although believe it or not I had more culture shock in Hawaii than in Mexico)!

Hawaii Time


When I came back to Ohio for graduate school I met and married my husband (within 6 months of meeting).:-) He is an amazing husband and friend!

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We have 4 children- ages 9 1/2 (Boy), 7 1/2 (Boy), 4 1/2 (Girl), and 2 1/2 (Boy). We also have a 10 year old long-haired Calico cat (girl) named Bengal.

Family Photo 2015

Christmas Catnap


My children are rambunctious, silly, strong-willed, and sweet and I’m grateful to be their mom. Being a mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had, and at times it can be completely overwhelming and exhausting; but I am so thankful for each of my kids—quirks, hard stages, and all!

DIY-ing is a skill I learned once I was married and started having kids. It was actually from coming across a DIY blog (Centsational Girl) that I first learned more about home improvement and decorating. My practical, cheap thrifty self loved the idea of doing-it- yourself and because my husband had 0% interest in DIY-ing I jumped in with two feet and haven’t looked back.



After a few times of inviting friends over and way too excitedly telling them all the good deals and home improvements I’ve made to the house I decided I better start a blog in order to keep my friends!:-) I love talking about DIY and Interior Design as well as helping others and a blog is the perfect outlet to share that love as well as ideas and inspiration.

Surprisingly blogging has also become a small source of income for our family which has become an added benefit. I am grateful for the opportunity to share and teach the DIY and Design skills that have helped me feel empowered, save money, express my creativity, and find more joy in my home.

It is my hope and prayer that it will help you in your lives in some meaningful way!!

Thanks for being here!:-)