Our Media Room Makeover Reveal

Happy Weekend!!   About 2 1/2 years ago I published a post entitled Makings of a Stylish Man Cave where I shared my husband’s man cave, aka our media room.


Media Room Befores


Since that time the dark leather couch we had in there contracted a rare couch disease known as leather leprosy and has died!   Okay not really but in all seriousness the “bonded” leather on the couch started falling off.  I’d find inch size pieces of leather all over the place.  I still think the culprit was one of our children who liked to pick at it while watching t.v. but I have yet to get a confession.

Anyways, this was the main reason we got the ball rolling on our media room refresh.   Goals for the room other than getting new seating was a light fixture that would give off more light (the previous light was basic and was so dim). and to lighten up the feeling of the room a little bit without having to paint any of the walls.

By the way my husband also requested that his black and white sports pictures stay so you will unfortunately still see those.


So here it is now!!!!















So one of the big changes you may have noticed is that we switched the wall that tv was on.  Once we had a sectional in the room it made more sense to move the TV to the south facing wall where we use to have a bookcase.

We found that the bookcase wasn’t very functional for the space and just served as a big dust collector so we gave it away (we had gotten it free from a friend who was moving away and didn’t want it).


The rug is new.  I liked the small scale geometric pattern and gray and white tones for the room.



You can find the rug HERE  (affiliate link) in a variety of colors and sizes.


The new seating made a huge difference in lightening up the room.  The color is a light grayish oatmeal color

The sectional was from Front Room Furnishings.  HERE is a link to the sectional which I thought was a great price considering the size and quality of it.


Next, the oversized lantern styled pendant provides the additional lighting that I hoped for while making a statement.  $159 is an excellent price for such a large pendant.

However be forewarned that if you buy this you will want to hire an electrician to install it.  I’ve installed a handful of light fixtures myself but I had to hire out for this one because it a bit tricky to hang (mostly due to the instructions not being very clear).


You can find the light fixture HERE (affiliate link).


Next I added a shelf “console table” to the wall where the TV used to be.  I made the shelf from a pine board that I lightly sanded and finished off with a couple of coats of polyurethane.  It is supported by three shelf brackets.

The basket hides a surge protector and the area acts as a charging station for the kids tablets.



I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to place under the “console”.shelf.  I thought about doing a couple of large bean bags/poufs but then found these well-priced leather benches at Target that had the dual function of providing more storage in the room.

HERE is the link to the storage bench.




The gray plaid pillows on the couch came with it.  The other pillows and throw are from Homegoods.

The new coffee table was a lucky snag from Homegoods.  I’ve been admiring an extremely similar coffee table from World Market but luckily Homegoods had theirs for half the price.



I created the abstract artwork on the shelf and the basket and throw under the shelf are from a local grocery store called Meijers (it’s like a Walmart but a bit better).

And lastly, taking down the dark drapes and adding white window casings and a bamboo woven roman shade really helped open up the space.

I think that’s about it.  Let me know if there are any sources I missed that you would like to know!

I’ve found that we like to hang out in here a lot more since the room has been refreshed!  It’s not perfect by any means but it’s just right for us at this stage of our lives.:-)

Thank you so much for being here!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this makeover and that you have a great rest of the weekend!!:-)



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