Beat up Table Turned Beautiful Farmhouse Table

I recently helped my friend, Heather, transform her beat up kitchen table into a beautiful farmhouse table.  Her 13 year old daughter is obsessed with the Fixer Upper show and Joanna Gaine’s style.  She asked if I would help her daughter with a project she had found on Pinterest where Diana from Our Vintage Home Love had taken off the top of their existing table and replaced it with a farmhouse-styled top.

our vintage home love diy farmhouse table\

via Our Vintage Home Love

My friend, Heather, had a sturdy table with beautiful legs but the tabletop had taken a beating over the years with four young kids.

DIY Farmhouse Table Before

With all of the screws under her table we thought for sure it meant we would be able to remove the tabletop however after taking a good looksy underneath we realized the top was going nowhere!

Kitchen Table Upcycle

As I was thinking about what to do the idea came to me…why don’t don’t we just install the wood planks right over the existing table top!

So that’s exactly what we did!


DIY Table Before

And the Afters

DIY Farmhouse Table After

DIY Farmhouse Table

How we did it:

First, the legs and base/apron of the table were painted white.  We used this tutorial for painting wood furniture which consists of using a deglosser and then 3 coats of enamel paint.

DIY Farmhouse Table Painted Legs

You can paint the table with their legs on or take them off just be sure paint the entire apron of the table.

DIY Farmhouse Table Painting Base

Next we measured the width and length of the table.  The width was 42 inches.  We used 2″x8″ pieces of pine boards to create the tabletop.

Even though the pine board says it is 8 inches wide it will really be around 7.25″.  So, 7.25 times 6 is 43.5″.  We felt good about there being a .75″ overhang on each side of the table so we went with (6)  2″x8″ pine boards (cost of boards came to about $40).

We had the length of the boards cut at the store 1.5 inches longer than the existing table top.

Tip:  When you are picking out the pine boards I would line them up on the floor of the store to make sure they line up together well.  Some boards may be warped slightly and it is hard to tell until you line them up next to each other.

The next step we took was measure the width of the table and marked the center of it (as seen with the arrow below).    We then added lines of Liquid Nails adhesive down the center of the tabletop.

If you have an even number of boards like we did (6)  you will lay the first two boards down so that they meet at the very center of the table.

DIY Farmhouse Table Liquid Nails

Keep adding Liquids Nails adhesive to the tabletop and line the pine boards up until they are all on and lined up correctly.

DIY Farmhouse Table Attaching Top

Let the adhesive dry for 12-24 hours or as package indicates.

It was very important to Heather to fill in the cracks between the different boards (the last thing she wanted was to have food stuck in cracks).  So to fill the cracks we used stainable, natural colored wood filler.

Stainable Wood Filler

via Amazon (affiliate link)

We squeezed the filler out onto the crack and then wiped it smooth with our finger.  Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe away any excess wood filler.

DIY Farmhouse Table Wood Filler

We let the wood filler dry for a couple of hours and then sanded the whole table down by hand with fine grit sandpaper.  Some of the boards may be ink stamped. Sanding those areas well will take it away.

DIY Farmhouse Table Sanding

Next stain the boards as desired (be sure to wipe away all the dust before this step).

Heather loved the look of the table below so we decided to leave the boards unstained and just white wash the table in areas.

Inspiration DIY Farmhouse Table

Source Unknown (please let me know if you know the source of this photo).

White wash can be made by mixing one part paint to 4 parts water.  Now just start going for it!

Diy Farmhouse Whitewahing

Heather’s daughter did a beautiful job with the white wash!  Add the white wash with a brush and then immediately wipe it away with a rag.

DIY Farmhouse Table White Washing

After getting the first coat on how we liked it we added even more water to the mixture and “splotched it” on next to the white wash we had already done.  This way the white wash appears less defined and more natural and faded.

Once you get it the way you want it’s time to protect all your hard work!

diy farmhouse table protective coat

We used water based Minimax polycrylic in matte (none shiny) finish.  We applied 3 thin coats and lightly sanded in between each coat.

Let it dry and then you’re done!

Farmhouse Table DIY

I think it turned out beautifully!  And Heather has ordered some chairs for the table that are very similar to the inspiration photo.  It’s going to look awesome!

Metal Chairs for DIY Farmhouse Table

via Amazon

Do you have any tabletops that need a facelift?  This could be your answer.  Let me know if you have any questions!:-)


How to Turn any Table into a Farmhouse Table

9 thoughts on “Beat up Table Turned Beautiful Farmhouse Table

  1. Vicky Weathers

    The table is just wonderful and this will really help me in a project I am planning so THANKS! I am so sorry about your cat and it is amazing how very much we love our pets, they are family, and are missed terribly when they pass, again so sorry!

  2. Cheri

    How well do you think the wood filler will hold up in between the boards? Don’t you think it will shrink a bit and create gaps? Just wondering if you’ve used this technique before. Thanks.

    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi Cheri! I heven’t used this technique before. Having liquid nailed it, sanded and sealed the wood 3 times I think it will hold up well but you brought up some good points. It will be just a matter of time to see how it does and I will be sure to let you know!:-)

  3. Jessica Leduc

    Hi there, I’ve just purchased a table from craigslist with plans to turn into a farmhouse table with your tutorial. My one concern is the liquid nails, I’ve never used it before, has your friend’s table held up until now? without a board coming loose?

    I really hope not (!) this no tool tutorial is really awesome!


    1. Tamara Post author

      Hi Jessica! I checked in with my friend and she said that there is a loose board that they plan on nailing in soon. But it appears it was one of the boards that wasn’t straight to begin with. As long as the boards you get aren’t warped and lay completely flat you shouldn’t have any problem with the liquid nails…it truly is strong as nails. It is well worth the time to set the boards up next to each other at the store and to make sure they are straight. Walk on them too…if it wobbles or rocks it’s not a good board. I’m excited for you! It turned out beautiful!

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