Home Decorating Goals for the New Year!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that you’ve had some time off to relax and recuperate from the Holiday hustle.

Each year as the New Year approaches I get excited about setting goals.  I try to focus on setting just a few goals that I feel would be most beneficial.

I also try to make sure the goals are realistic and something I REALLY want, not just something I want but am not really willing to work for.

Being a DIY blogger I make both blog goals and home goals.  One of main blog goals for 2016 is to help you create a beautiful home on a budget!

I need your help in accomplishing this goal!  Would you be willing to answer a quick 6 question survey at the end of this post?  It would really mean a lot!!!


Last year I wrote a post about my home goals for 2015.  I thought you might want to see how I did, as well as my home goals for 2016!


home goals for the new year

  1. Living room makeover

Lving Room Makeover with Pictures


2. I haven’t written about this one yet.:-/

Light Fixture for Hallway


Media Room (Mancave)


4.Patio Makeover

Pink Peonies


5.Basement Makeover

Playroom Makeover Reveal


Now for my home goals for this coming year!  My overall goal is a more organized home.  Organization is not something my husband and I are naturally good at.

We were able to stay on top of things pretty well  as newlyweds but once we started having children and other responsibilities we’ve struggled.  So you may see a few organization posts this year!:-)


Home Goals for 2016


-Add woodwork

-Paint two story foyer (right now it is beige with an orange undertone, so ready for a change)


Upstairs Hallway

-Add white wainscoting

-Paint wall above white wainscoting (right now it is the same beige as the foyer)


via Young House Love


Laundry Room

-Paint walls

-New Light Fixture




Unfinished Part of Basement

-Go through storage items

-Take unnecessary items to Goodwill or sell on Craigslist

-Re-organize items I’m keeping



-Build new steps to the porch






Dining Room-

-Paint (I don’t know what color yet but probably still a neutral color)

Neutral colored Dining Room

via Architectural Digest




I will also continue to do some makeovers at my friend Lolly’s house this year (like the powder bathroom makeover we did below)!!

Powder Bath After- East Wall


And I really want to help you too!  So please let me know in the survey below what you want to learn or be able to accomplish with your home this year!  2016 is going to be a good one!  Happy New Year, Friends!!

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Home Decorating Goals for the New Year

I Love Hearing from You!

  1. So enjoy your blog. I am currently going through a life change. Lost my husband to cancer in January 2015. Big decisions this year as I am considering leaving our home of 43 years, however, it is twice the size due to several modifications over the years–new kitchen, then, a sunroom, and finally the master bedroom and bath my husband loved. Now I would like to move to Cincinnati near my daughter. Have found a darling 2 bedroom fixer with a pool. Really love to remodel and hope it is within my budget. So your blog is perfect for me. Please continue showing your diy tutorials and some of the homes you use for inspiration.
    Waiting to see all you inspire us with this year! Have a blessed New Year.

    • I’m sorry for your loss, Shelia!:-( I’m sure it’s been a difficult year. I grew up in Cincinnati so I am a bit partial to your possible new home.:-) I hope you have a blessed New Year too!!