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As many of you know I am in the process of redecorating my living room right now.  We finally moved the grey painted couch from the basement to the living room and the sleeper sofa down to the basement thanks to the help of a kind neighbor.

Now that the “new” couch is in the living room it has made it easier to take some strides in redecorating.  One small step (but every step counts):-) that I made this week is a new home décor accessory.

I was inspired by these Ballard Designs’ $100 plus equestrian décor items.

Ballard Designs Horsevia Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs Mason Horse Weather Vane

via Ballard Designs (out of stock)

While looking for décor items at a local thrift store (I can’t wait to show you some of my other finds there) I followed my kids into the toy section and spotted this equestrian beauty.

I immediately thought of the two things:  the ballard designs’ inspiration pieces and gold spray paint.


 decor horse before spray painted

I had gold spray paint left over from making the kids DIY decorative ladder and so when I got home I went at it…and, Voila!

DIY Horse Decor

Spray Painted Horse

DIY Horse Home Decor

It was $2 for the horse and $3.78 for the spray paint (no primer was necessary).  I think I may like my $6 version more than the Ballard’s inspiration pieces.:-)

I love the power of paint to transform!  It never ceases to amaze me!

It can make a huge difference!  I always ask myself when viewing décor items if it would look better painted something else, especially if I find something for a really good price.

And there is no better price then something you already have but don’t love anymore.

Awhile back a friend lamented that her kitchen décor items were feeling a bit outdated for her taste.  One of the items that she had grown out of love with was a multi-colored rooster that now seemed too “country”.  I suggested instead of getting rid of it that she spray paint it one solid bright color like turquoise.

She did (and gave it a little brown glaze as well).  Now it is a fun updated pop of color in her kitchen and makes her happy (see below).

Spray Painted Home Decor Accents

You know I’m sucker for getting “the look” for less.  It is so do-able with a can of spray paint!  See those turquoise items in the photo below on the top outer shelves of the bookcase?  You could easily get that look with a can of spray paint!

And the blue boxes on the lowest shelves in the photo below could definitely be created with a cardboard box and some bold blue spray paint.

With paint the possibilities are endless for transforming so-so home décor items into accessories you love!  Heck, even those primary colored letter magnets look chic with a coat of gold spray paint! Now that’s AMAZING!:-)

Spray Painted Decor

via Inspired by Charm

I hope you have been inspired by this post to look at the home décor items you already have (but don’t love) and the items you see as you shop in a different light…not as they are but as they could become with just a can of spray paint!

On that note, with it being Valentine’s Day, here is a link to one of my favorite posts I’ve written entitled, “The True Meaning of Valentine’s Day”.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!:-)  And happy spray painting!!:-)


DIY Spray Painted Horse

18 thoughts on “More Spray Paint Magic

  1. susan davis

    Mu daughter redid her entire kitchen and used Tiffany Blue and Beige and black and white for accents. She hadt the paint store mix up some auto bodypaint and sprayed her kitchen aid mixer Tiffany blue so it woul look great on her counter.

    1. Tamara Post author

      Great question! I first gave the horse a little haircut because it had a little too long of hair for my taste. Then I just sprayed it along with the rest of the horse. It kind acted like a hairspray making it stiff. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out on the tail and mane but I think it turned out great! Thanks for your question, Sandy!

  2. Julie

    That blue rooster reminds me of the one on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square in London right now. Have you seen it? On the fourth plinth they put random pieces of sculpture as part of an arts project, each pieces stay for a while and for the last year or two there has been a giant blue rooster (you can imagine people have a different name for it!) It’s worth googling it just to see.
    I was also going to ask the “how did spray painting the mane go?” but I see someone else has beat me to it, good to know, this seems like such a simple way to up date something old and unloved.

  3. Carol

    I am a big fan of spray paint! I have a stack of silver plated serving plates and glass vases that I get from Good Will and thrift stores. Whenever there is a party, I spray paint them a different color and use them for displaying food and decor and different levels on the table. Silver at Christmas is beautiful! Pink for a girls party…..dark blue for super bowl Sunday.

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