You Know You’re a DIY-er IF…

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You Might Be A DIY-er If:

1.  You’ve ruined more clothes with paint splatters than you can count.


2. The workers at your go-to hardware store know you by name.


3.  You’ve acquired an on project injury.


4. You ask for tools for Christmas or birthday presents.

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 5.  Your kids no longer bat an eye when they hear banging in the house.


 6.  The phrase  “how to ………” typed Into google search has saved you more than once.


7.  You can see the possibilities in even the ugliest house or piece of furniture.

orange yellow vintage crushed velvet sofa sectional couch Phoenix Arizona home house for sale photo



8. You know the difference between caulk, spackle, and wood filler.


 9.  You aren’t afraid of hard work especially if it means saving a buck or two.


10.  You’ve had to call in a professional to finish a job (Hey, we are a pretty awesome bunch but even the best of us need a hand from time to time) 🙂

Which ones could you relate to?  Can you think of anymore to add to the list???  I would love to hear them! 🙂

11 thoughts on “You Know You’re a DIY-er IF…

  1. Sarah M.

    I laughed so hard starting right at number one that I almost woke my baby after she just fell asleep in my arms. Every one of these is dead on. Now to go build a coffee table while my kids sleep. After all, they learned early on how to sleep through power saws! Thanks for the laugh…and the sense of community!

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