25 Stylish, Budget-Friendly Chairs

It used to be that a family room was made up of a sofa, a loveseat, and a BIG comfy chair.  I’ve noticed that there are a lot more recliners and oversized chairs on Craigslist these days and an abundance of smaller, matching, streamlined accent chairs in the magazines.  A strange coincidence or a sign of the times?


I definitely love its clean look!



When planning my family room I knew I wanted to create a similar look, however, as I searched around I was faced with a BIG problem!  In many cases just one nice looking chair cost over $500.  That meant 2 matching chairs would cost at least $1000! (impressive math skills, I know):-)


After a lot of research though I discovered you can get this look for less!  A lot less.  Here are a collection of attractive, stylish accent chairs for under $235 a piece!  (Disclaimer:  It is the nature of prices to fluctuate. Prices listed are current of 2/13/14.  Additionally, I can only attest to the aesthetic qualities of the chairs listed, be sure to check their dimensions and reviews before purchasing! (boy, do I sound like a mom or what, make sure you do your homework, nag nag nag):-)


Christopher Knight Home Malone Beige Club Chair
Christopher Knight Home Malone Chair (Beige)- $232.19


Christopher Knight Home Malone Charcoal Grey Club Chair


Temani Chair - Brown
      Temani Chair (just needs a comfy cushion)- $229.99


Williamsburg Trellis Print Chair
Willamsburg Trellis Print Chair– $229.99


Suzani Lorna Chair


Veronica KD Tufted Linen Club Chair in Grey
Veronica KD Tufted Linen Club Chair (Grey) $210.09


Cassidy French Yellow Armless Chair


Mattie Tufted Slipper Blue/Cream Stripe Chair
Mattie Tufted Sipper Chair (Blue/Cream Stripe)- $199.99


Living Room Furniture - Nouveau Accent Chair

                                             Nouveau Chair $199.99

Philly Framed Chair Grey
Philly Framed Chair (Gray)-$199.99


                Hudson Swoop Chair - Indigo Ikat
             Hudson Swoop Chair (Indigo Ikat)- $199


Hudson Swoop Chair - Velvet Smoke
        Hudson Swoop Chair (Velvet Smoke)- $199


Jennifer Wooden Modern Lounge Chair
                 Jennifer Wooden Modern Chair– $192.59


Marquis Tan Microfiber Club Chair
         Marquis Tan Microfiber Club Chair- $191.19


Club Chair
 Wildon Home Club Chair- $194.50


Hayden Armless Chair - Velvet with Nailheads
Hayden Chair (Midnight Blue)- $189.99


Living Room Furniture - Kenzie Accent Chair

            Kenzie Chair $179.99 (This is the one I ended up getting 2 of for our family room but on sale for $99!  Been overall happy with them, their feet don’t screw all the way in so sometimes the feet have to be adjusted)


Retro-classic White Accent Chairs (Set of 2)


Threshold™ Swoop Upholstered Collection
     Entire Threshold Swoop Collection– $169 each


Tux Solid Accent Chair
Tux Solid Accent Chair- $160


Martene Chair
Hokku Designs Martene Chair– $155.46


Christopher Knight Home Leeds Classic Brown Bonded Leather Club Chair
Christopher Knight Home Leeds Chair (Brown Leather)- $153.89


Sophia Chamois Chair
 Home Loft Concept Sophia Chair (Dark Gray) -$152.74


Accent Seating Chair
 Coaster Home Accent Chair- $149.78


Hayden Armless Chair - Ikat Seaglass
Hayden Armless Chair (Ikat Seaglass)- $94.98 (Clearance)



I think my favorite chair is lovely lady #1 (hmmm, or is she a Mr., nope definitely a lady with broad shoulders) 🙂  Which one is your fave???

8 thoughts on “25 Stylish, Budget-Friendly Chairs

  1. Amy

    You picked out some fabulous chairs! I am leaning toward the Philly or the Hokku–I guess I like the look of the wood framing the back of the chair. Can you get this same great look with mismatch chairs?

    1. phdesign Post author

      Thanks, Amy! Yes, if the chairs are similar enough you can still get the same clean look. But if the two chairs are pretty different it will be more of an eclectic look. In my living room I have two different chairs side by side and it does change the vibe of the room. You can check it out by clicking on my home tour tab!

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